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끊임없이 랩을 질주하며 진흙을 달리고, 장애물을 뛰어넘고, 각 코너를 거침없이 통과하는 것이 사이클크로스의 진면목 입니다. 사이클크로스 자전거로 자신의 한계를 시험하고 더욱더 넓힐 수 있습니다.


Find your ideal cyclocross bike

There’s no other challenge quite like modern cyclocross: tackling sharp climbs, tight turns, and sandy descents, all while keeping the bike in one piece. Reliability, precise handling, low weight, and maximum support for carrying and shouldering are key factors in making a good cyclocross bike.


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Awards // Cyclocross


The Inflite CF has been winning the hearts of cyclocross enthusiasts since the day it was released, scooping German RennRad magazine’s ‘Best Bike Award’, and being voted by readers of TOUR magazine as ‘Best cross bike of the year’. It’s a true crowd pleaser – just like Mathieu van der Poel, the young cyclocross star who competes riding the Inflite CF at the very highest levels of his sport.

  • 1. Place Inflite CF TOUR Readers Choice - Gravel-Cross Bike of the Year
  • 1. Place RennRad magazine Readers' Choice - Best Bike Award Inflite CF SLX 9.0 PRO RACE

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