HT AE-03 Canyon Customized Pedals
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HT AE-03 Canyon Customized Pedals

  • 색상 선택: silver
  • 색상 선택: red
123.000 ₩
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HT AE-03 Canyon Customized Pedals The Canyon Customized AE03 flat pedals from HT are a part of the EVO+ series and are amongst the lightest on the market. Colour-matched to perfectly match your Spectral CF, Spectral AL or Spectral WMN and made out of durable, CNC-machined aluminum - these pedals are built to last. Utilizing premium grade needle bearings, German manufactured bushings and high-quality grease, the EVO+ system offers up to five times better performance, longevity and durability than the previous system. The unique patent bearing system and design allows HT pedals to be thinner and spin smoother than the rest of the competition.

제품 상세 정보


  • Ultra lightweight yet durable
  • Grip pins provide a firm hold
  • EVO+ bearing system
  • Pedals are thinner and spin smoother than the competition


  • Dimensions: 102 x 96 x 11 mm
  • Body Material: Aluminum / CNC-machined
  • Spindle: CNC-machined CrMo
  • Pedal Bearings: EVO+ System
  • Pin Count: 20 / pedal


  • Gold (Summit Black): Spectral CF
  • Silver (Stealth): Spectral AL
  • Turquoise (Ralley Blue / Fjord Grey): Spectral CF / Spectral AL WMN
  • Red (Hellfire Red): Spectral AL


  • 1 x Pair Canyon Customized HT EVO+ AE03 Pedals


  • 알루미늄


  • 352.00 g


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