Canyon Bike Travel Bag

599,95 €
The Canyon Signature Pro Transport makes using a bike case quick and easy, so you can be ready to ride at your destination in no time. 
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599,95 €
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Canyon Bike Travel Bag

Developed for the Canyon Speedmax

No need to remove cockpit or extensions
Canyon Bike Travel Bag

Fit two wheelsets

One set fits in side compartment, the second in wheelbags (not incl.)
Canyon Bike Travel Bag

Removable case wheels

The first thing that usually breaks on bike cases are their wheels. Before check-in you can remove the wheels and place them in a special compartments on the inside of the case
Canyon Bike Travel Bag

Full protection, small volume

Perfect blend of hardshell and softshell with removable inside frame-construction


Too much time spent unpacking and rebuilding our bike is time lost on the road. The case has been tested by our team riders at the Ironman World Championships in Kona and is constructed from a durable fabric with removable protective plastic inserts, widening at its far end, so you don’t need to remove your handlebars. It fits all canyon road, triathlon, gravel and endurance bikes in all sizes without removing the cockpit. The rear derailleur also stays on the bike, sitting with the frame and crankset on a padded block with the forks contained within their own protective casing. Unlike most cases, the Canyon Signature Pro Transport has capacity for two wheelsets- one for training and one for competition, both with their own wheel bags. For compact storage, the internal tubed framework can be removed, allowing the case to be folded down, while the bag’s wheels are removable to avoid damage during transit. The brightly coloured internal fabric means it’s easier to find small parts if they become loose, and internal zipped compartments lets you transport items such as tools, food and clothing. Please check the baggage size and weight requirements of your airline before flying. We designed the bag with the dimension and weight requirements in mind for the majority of airlines (maximum free shipping weight 32kg for most), but some discount airlines operate stricter policies and measure the wedge shaped design of the bag in a different way than we do. Take off the small wheels before you ship and put them in the inside pocket. Make sure to pay strict attention to the weight and try to stay under 32 kilograms. As MTB bikes are typically heavier, please check bag weight before flying. MTB bars and cockpits may need to be turned 90 degrees or can be removed to fit in the bag.



  • Lenght: 162 cm
  • Width: 46 cm
  • Height: 86 cm (with removed wheels)


  • 1 x Canyon TRANSPORT Signature Pro Bike Bag


  • Canyon


  • 15.00 kg



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