Canyon GEAR GROOVE CP0039 Gravel Ergo Cockpit

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The Canyon CP0039 GEAR GROOVE Pro cockpit was designed for the new Grail platforms and developed in close cooperation with our pro riders. Performance and comfort for tough terrain.
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355,95 €
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Canyon GEAR GROOVE CP0039 Gravel Ergo Cockpit

16 degrees of flare

When navigating technical sections or tricky descents, control is key. These comfortable flared drops deliver superb stability
Canyon GEAR GROOVE CP0039 Gravel Ergo Cockpit

Aerodynamic hood position

Due to the flared drops, the hoods occupy a narrower space. This allows you to tuck in and adopt a more aero position
Canyon GEAR GROOVE CP0039 Gravel Ergo Cockpit


For extra comfort when riding with your hands on the tops. Ideal for long climbs or when you need to change position from the drops or hoods
Canyon GEAR GROOVE CP0039 Gravel Ergo Cockpit

Gear Groove

Clean and integrated, the Gear Groove allows you to mount various Canyon accessories such as mounts and lights
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The perfect match for the performance-focused Grail, this cockpit has a slight curved backsweep, which offers extra comfort. 16 degrees of flare ensure stability on technical sections, while a narrower hood position compared to the drops means you can adopt an aero position when powering along the flats.



  • Width: 420mm, 440mm, 460mm
  • Length: 60mm - 80mm


  • Reach: 69 mm
  • Flare: 16°, Drop: 115mm Steerer Clamp: 1 1/8"
  • Category: 1
  • Material: Carbon


  • 1 x Gear Groove Screw


  • Canyon


  • 500 g



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