B&W bike.box II

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1.499,95 ZŁ
The B&W Bike Shuttle II hard travel case provides the ultimate security and protection for your bike – making sure it arrives safely to your destination.
1.499,95 ZŁ
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B&W bike.box II

Easy packing

Cover shell is completely removable
B&W bike.box II

Easy handling

Two durable carrying handles and two pull handles facilitate transport.
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Opis produktu

Lighter and more durable than our previous model, the protective shell is combined with a padded interior and bike straps to reliably protect your bike from damage caused by rough handling. Thanks to the four smooth-rolling wheels, the Canyon Bike Shuttle II rolls easily, but also remains stable on the spot without wobbling. The easily accessible pull handles make bike transport simple and stress-free. One less thing to worry about when flying or travelling by rail! Please refer to the instructions in our size guide regarding the necessary disassembly of individual bike components. Attention: For bikes with integrated wiring cockpits, we recommend the Canyon Bicycle Transport Bag, allowing you to keep the cockpit attached during transport.

Szczegóły produktu


  • For simplified packing, the top shell can be completely removed
  • Your Canyon can be mounted with several straps and is protected by layers of foam
  • Four free running wheels (two freely rotatable, two fixed) for easy transport
  • Two carrying handles and two pull handles
  • The two case shells are interlocking at six points and are pulled together with a self-tightening buckle for easy closing and fitting of the case
  • Made of durable materials while remaining lightweight
  • Exclusive Canyon design


  • Internal Dimensions (LxWxH): 1150 (825) x 810 x 280 mm
  • External Dimensions (LxWxH): 1190 x 890 x 295 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 11.7 kg


  • 1 x B&W Bike Shuttle II
  • 2 x Wheel Guards (size M for road bike wheels up to 28")
  • 3 x Spacers for Dropouts
  • 1 x Foam Block for Chainring
  • 3 x Foam Layers
  • 2 x Foam Padding for Handlebars
  • 1 x Chain Protector


  • B&W International


  • 11.70 kg


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