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Germany Service Centre Availability

At this moment many of our customers are facing difficulties to reach our German call centre by phone. In addition we are experiencing longer than normal response times to answer email enquiries.
Over the past few years we have significantly increased the capacity of our call centre. Since 2009, our production and sales numbers have grown strongly and as a result the number of emails and telephone calls have grown significantly as well.
Due to delays in a small number of models, the number of status and service requests has grown significantly in the last weeks and as a result we are facing difficulties to provide you with the service level that you have come to expect from us. Our colleagues in the call centre are working hard to answer all emails in chronological order and to answer all your open questions as soon as possible.
We would like to ask you to be patient as we work through the current open questions so that we can give you a normal service again as soon as possible. In order to help us do this we kindly ask that you do not contact us multiple times via other media channels or by phone after you have already sent your question via email.
For this unforeseen inconvenience and the limited communication at this moment we would like to apologise and appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this as quickly as possible.