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Canyon and Erik Zabel

Canyon stands for Pure Cycling. As passionate cyclists ourselves, it’s our aim to provide cyclists worldwide with innovative technology and promote fairness in the sport of cycling.
We do not accept doping of any kind and were deeply disappointed to hear about Erik’s latest statement on his past. The consequence of this is that Erik will no longer be able to continue his function as Canyon’s brand ambassador, nor will he continue his role as the mentor of the Young Heroes Team.
We have achieved a great deal together with Erik over the last few years and have come to know him as not only an exceptional sportsman, but also as a great person. He has also played an important part in the development of Canyon and we understand that nobody is suffering due to these recent revelations about his past more than Erik.
We believe that our industry is not currently treating athletes who admit to doping fairly. We have all benefitted immensely from the enthusiasm that has been generated for the sport and have always distanced ourselves from “individual cases”. However there simply are no “individual cases”, but we are talking about real people and individuals here who cannot simply be reduced to mere doping perpetrators. We therefore don’t simply want to follow the typical example of the professional cycling world and the general public just to make life easy for ourselves.
Our values dictate that we do not impose across the board sanctions on people who we have built relationships with based on trust. We condemn Erik’s actions, but we do not condemn the person. That is why we now want to find a new way of working together with Erik in the future.
We will be starting a new project in the coming weeks which we have been considering for some time and specifically involves our general attitude to cycle sport. We will be asking Erik to help us with this new project and will keep you updated on further developments soon.
Best wishes,
Roman Arnold
CEO, Canyon Bicycles GmbH