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SERVICE CENTER:Workshop, Guarantee and Co.

Crash Replacement

The Service Forms give you the opportunity to send us specific information on your Canyon before servicing work is carried out. This allows us to determine any necessary work that needs to be done in advance, thereby reducing waiting times for you, the customer.

The Service center will contact you to discuss any necessary work that needs to be carried out on your bike. Please note that when you send us the Service Form this does not constitute a contract and any repair work cannot be carried out until this has been agreed with Canyon.

Date of invoice
When exactly did you purchase your bike?
Are you the first owner or did you purchase the bike second-hand?
Personal data
Description of damages
Describe briefly how and what damage occurred. You have 750 characters available.

max. 750 characters

Upload photos
So that we can understand your problem better, you can send us photos of your damaged bike. You can adjust or enlarge the photos after you have uploaded them.
If you send a full bike in to us, charges will be incurred for the dismantling and reassembly of your bike. The charge will depend on the amount of work required and may reach the maximum charge of 190€ / 160 GBP. We will be happy to provide you with an individual estimate for your particular bike

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