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Your Passion: Road Racing!
Canyon supports all licensed and junior racers.

The racecourse is where Canyon started. Roman Arnold – Canyon’s founder and today’s manager – was himself a racer in his youth. He raced track and road races on the Rhineland-Palatinate squad. He knows how hard a rider’s daily routine is and how expensive a race season can be. While he participated in races, his father Tony sold special imported Italian components on the side of the street to help finance his sons race season. After school, Roman worked in his parent’s garage and sold parts and equipment. More than 25 years ago… this was the beginings of Canyon.

The Canyon Sponsoring Program

We have started the Canyon Sponsoring Program because our hearts & minds are still involved in the sport.

The goal is to make top technology affordable to every racer. We offer our best race machines to licensed riders at sponsoring prices.


  • proof of a valid racing license from a European bike sport or triathlete federation.

  • only one frameset or bike per person and per year.

The following table shows all the models that are available through our Sponsoring Program:

Model / Road: Sponsoring price:
Ultimate CF SL 9.0 AERO € 2,599 (instead of € 2,699 - offer)
Aeroad CF 9.0 € 3,799 (instead of € 3,699 - offer)
Ultimate CF SLX Frameset ME. € 1,599 (instead of € 1,599 - offer)
Ultimate CF SLX Frameset el. € 1,599 (instead of € 1,599 - offer)
Ultimate AL SLX Frameset me. € 649 (instead of € 699 - offer)
Ultimate AL SLX Frameset el. € 649 (instead of € 699 - offer)
Speedmax AL Frameset € 699 (instead of € 699 - offer)
Model / MTB: Sponsoring price:
Grand Canyon AL SLX 8.9 € 1,399 (instead of € 1,399 - offer)
Grand Canyon CF SL 7.9 € 1,899 (instead of € 1,799 - offer)
Grand Canyon CF SLX 9.9 SL € 3,299 (instead of € 3,299 - offer)
Lux CF 9.9 € 3,699 (instead of € 3,599 - offer)
Lux CF 29 Frameset € 1,599 (instead of € 1,599 - offer)
Grand Canyon CF SLX 29 Frameset € 1,349 (instead of € 1,299 - offer)
Grand Canyon CF SL 29 Frameset € 899 (instead of € 899 - offer)

How to order:

  • Order your selected frameset or bike as usual in the Canyon Online Shop. You will not yet be able to see the sponsoring price.

  • Indicate when ordering in the field "Notes" that you are ordering a sponsoring bike.

  • Send a copy of your valid racing licence indicating your order number to: lizenz@canyon.com

  • The discount will then be credited to you and you will receive an order confirmation indicating the sponsoring price.