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bike TIPP

Nerve AM 8.0
Super - Bike Tipp

Bike 05/09 (model 2009)

  • Highest points total
  • Highest points total downhill
  • Test winner on points

The allrounder impresses with the highest points score in the test.

Difficult decisions often cause one to ponder. It is better, however, when one can have everything - like with the Nerve AM 8.0. The bike scores points on uphill riding with its adjustable fork and downhill with its responsive chassis. That has been confirmed by the testers from Bike magazine: "The Canyon Nerve AM delivered an almost perfect performance. The frameset is well designed in every detail, the cables are internally routed, no squiggles spoil the clean and not too elaborate appearance." This judgement mirrors the philosophy of Pure Cycling best of all. "There is absolutely no razzle-dazzle, everything is geared towards offering the ultimate riding experience: A compact position on the bike, equipped with wide tyres, telescopic seat post, powerful brakes with large discs", was the conclusion of the experts from Bike magazine. The 680 handlebar guarantees an improved riding experience and makes the bike outstandingly easy to handle. In addition, the testers couldn't find a single flaw with the adjustable fork. The final assessment of the Bike magazine staff was, „Downhill the bike is as firm as a rock, the suspension operates effectively and always has something in reserve."

Reduce to the max - Canyon has put together a real all mountain hit with the Nerve AM. The bike is a clear winner on points.