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What is the difference between a good frame and an excellent frame?
Both are stiff, both offer superb forward propulsion, but an excellent frame relieves pressure on the rider's muscles.

Vertical Comfort Lateral Stiffness

This abbreviation has stood for the outstanding comfort offered by Canyon frames for years now. VCLS technology has enabled us to reduce the amount of vibration filtering through to the rider to such a low level that it significantly relieves the pressure on his postural muscles. The energy saved can then be fully invested in forward propulsion. So that this sheer surge of power doesn't just go up in smoke, all Canyon frames with VCLS technology also offer uncompromising levels of lateral stiffness.


Comfort has become an increasingly important theme in the last few years. We started tackling this theme many years ago and in cooperation with the Institute for Composite Materials (IVW) as well as the Innovation Program for Medium-Sized Firms we began examining the shock absorbing characteristics of road bike frames. In numerous cooperation projects, including one supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, significant improvements in comfort were achieved. For example, a method of quantitive evaluation of vibration and comfort levels developed by us allows data on arising vibrations to be collected during real on-road testing using special measuring wheels. The data gathered allows us to focus on the further development of our frames and parts and results in a tangible increase in performance for every Canyon customer.

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The illustration shows that shocks have significantly less impact on frames with VCLS technology than on conventional frames. The VCLS optimized frame design reduces vertical shocks on the seat post by as much as 50%, meaning that the rider requires greatly reduced muscle strength in order to compensate these. Thanks to this optimized frame design developed by Canyon, the slender seat stays and special VCLS components such as the fork and seat post, the frame is well able to absorb any kind of shocks coming up from the road. At the same time, however, the frame maintains superb lateral stiffness and transfers the rider's muscle power into forward propulsion at a ratio of 1:1.


VCLS technology, which has been successfully used in competitive cycle sport for years, can be found in varying designs on Canyon frames as well as in special parts because we don't build just frames, but outstanding and effective suspension systems.


The perfect link at the heart of the frame. The slender tube design at the junction of top tube, seat tube and seat stays as well as the special laminate configuration of our carbon frames mean that the VCLS Module performs the function of "comfort control centre" of the frame while maintaining consistently high levels of lateral stiffness. This type of frame design reduces vertical shocks that filter through to the seat post by as much as 50%. In addition, this unique design makes the perfect interplay of all the other VCLS parts on the bike possible.


Maximum bottom bracket stiffness.The greater contact area of the patented Maximus Seattube and the oversized chain stays guarantee an enormous amount of lateral stiffness on the bottom bracket and an efficient transmission of pedal power. The flatter tube design, which merges with the bottom bracket shell, is also very light.

The Maximus Seattube has been at the core of our continued frame development since 2005. The Maximus Seattube has been consistently improved ever since using our revolutionary optimization algorithm and today forms a functional and integrated unit together with the VCLS Module, the VCLS Stays and the VCLS Post.

VCLS STAYS Innovation on the rear triangle

The sophisticated and ultra-light seat stays significantly improve the frame's comfort without compromising lateral stiffness. It is the slender and characteristic tube design on both our carbon and alloy frames that is responsible for this. Alloy stays intensify this effect and in the case of carbon we also use additional special carbon fibres in a unique laminate configuration. This has a direct influence on rider comfort and relieves pressure on his postural muscles.


A major increase in the comfort stakes with the One One Four SLX fork. The fork is the most important finishing touch to any high- performance frame. Precision steering, safety and low weight are all key in achieving optimum performance on the bike. That's exactly what the One One Four SLX carbon fork developed by us achieves.

The VCLS blades at the lower end of the fork save weight and absorb direct shocks from the road. The greater diameter of the fork crown guarantees an optimum dissipation of load and at the same time prevents deformation during aggressive sprints and cornering.


The link between bike and rider. The rider makes contact with his bike in three areas. The most sensitive of these contact points is the saddle. Uneven surfaces both on the road and off-road create vibrations which filter through to the rider via the saddle, putting additional strain on the muscles. Since it is our aim to build the world's best bike, our VCLS technology doesn't just end on the frame. The VCLS seat posts are the ideal interface between rider and machine.The VCLS Post has already undergone five phases of evolution since 2009 and achieves up to a 50% reduction in the intensity of the most extreme shocks.

This is achieved by using special carbon and basalt fibres and all this while maintaining consistent levels of lateral stiffness and undiminished performance. We optimize our seat posts for every area of use. The Aeroad CF is fitted with an aerodynamically optimized VCLS Aero Post, the Ultimate CF/CF SLX and the Ultimate AL have the classic VCLS Post, and our hardtail mountain bikes are equipped with the VCLS Post with Monolink.


VCLS technology is both well engineered and effective and has been put to the test intensively in the UCI WorldTour. The knowledge we gain flows directly into our products and is then of direct benefit to our customers. Less strain on the rider, more power on the road and off-road which at the end of the day means more Pure Cycling.