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Ces travaux sont faciles pour quiconque s'intéresse au vélo. Pour cet atelier, l'utilisateur n'a besoin d'aucun outil, soit d'outils standard tels que des clés Allen, pinces ou tournevis. Dans cette catégorie, vous trouverez ci-dessus, comment effectuer les réglages pour votre vélo.
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Dismantle damper

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Unscrew the shock fixing bolt with an Allen key. Most Canyon bikes have M8 bolts. Picture 1 Tip: When you remove the top bolt, keep hold of the rear triangle otherwise it will drop and bang against the seat tube.

2. Then unscrew the lower shock fixing bolt Picture 2 Now you can remove the shock from the frame.

Some rocker arms don’t have a conventional thread, but a clamping nut. Then you proceed as follows:
1. Then place the face spanner onto the bolt. You can also use a pair of pliers for this job.
2. Unscrew the shock fixing bolt in the middle with an Allen key while holding the locking bolt with a pair of pliers.

This is how you re-fit the Fox shock:

1. Apply medium strength Loctite (243) to both shock fixing bolts.

2. Place the shock in the lower seating.

3. Screw in the lower, then the upper bolt with an Allen key hand tight. Then tighten the bolt full to the correct torque using a torque spanner. Picture 4 The torque required on M8 bolts is 16 Nm and on M6 bolts 10Nm.

The damper of the strive contains neddle bearings and should only be dismantled or mounted by Canyon service.

Ensure that all bolts and screws are tightened to the correct torque. The correct torque is indicated on the component itself, in the bike manual provided with your new bike, or here in the Technical Support Center.

All suspension parts must be serviced at regular intervals and in order to do this the shock must be disassembled.

Canyon s'efforce constamment d'assurer la qualité et l'exactitude des informations contenues dans ce support technique. Les réparations ou réglages que vous effectuez sur votre vélo sont sous votre entière responsabilité. Si vous avez le moindre doute sur ce qu'il faut faire, envoyez votre vélo chez Canyon directement ou chez un vélociste qualifié. Canyon ne donne aucune garantie ou n'accepte aucune responsabilité quant aux informations contenues dans ce support technique.

Picture 1: First undo the upper screw

Picture 1: First undo the upper screw

Picture 2: Then undo the lower screw

Picture 2: Then undo the lower screw

Picture 3: Remove the damper

Picture 3: Remove the damper

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