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Canyon Hybrid Bikes
Canyon Hybrid Bikes
Canyon Hybrid Bikes
Canyon Hybrid Bikes
Canyon Hybrid Bikes

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    • Color: Ivory White
    Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brake, Shimano Deore M5100 11s
    You save $400
    Financing available for this product
    • Color: Shadow Grey
    Alex Rims TD19 / Shimano TX505, Shimano CUES 10Speed
    You save $200
    • Color: Blue
    Alex Rims TD19 / Shimano TX505, Shimano CUES 10Speed
    You save $200
    • Color: Tundra Green
    Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brake, Shimano Deore M5100 11s
    You save $400
    Financing available for this product
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Hybrid Bikes: The perfect mix of road and mountain

At Canyon, we stock only the best hybrid bikes. Discover an incredible range of hybrid bikes designed for men and women, beginners and experts, city-dwellers and countryside-lovers. Whether you’re crazy about the outdoors or you prefer cruising through town, our hybrid bicycles are the perfect blend of road and mountain bike and can suit whatever purpose you desire.

What is a hybrid bike?

A hybrid bike is essentially a mix between a road bike and a mountain bike. They typically boast a lightweight frame, flat handlebars, wide tires, and disc brakes for excellent braking capability. With a wide range of gears, hybrid bikes can handle whatever terrain they find themselves on, from gravel to asphalt to dirt.

Many types of hybrid bikes are suitable for daily commutes, making them popular with urban cyclists. Their stability, durability, and ability to transport goods make them a great choice for city cycling, but they can also handle their own when it comes to riding on dirt paths.

What is the best hybrid bike for women?

At Canyon, you’ll find a large selection of women’s hybrid bikes with frames, shapes, and designs all tailored to the female body type. Our Pathlite and Roadlite models are designed specifically for women, while our electric hybrid bikes are all unisex. Precede:ON e-bikes come in a two versions of frame material and several sizes so you can choose the one which suits you best.

What is the best hybrid bike for men?

At Canyon, there is a wide range of men’s hybrid and electric hybrid bikes to choose from. If you’re cruising around town, we recommend the Roadlite as to benefit from a lightweight design. For versatile cycling on different terrains, go for the Pathlite or if you want more electrical assistance and increased range go for Precede:ON models.

What’s the best hybrid bike for beginners?

Our Roadlite is one of the best hybrid bikes for beginners, because they’re so lightweight and easy to ride. The flat handlebars allow you to ride in an upright position, getting you to your destination quickly and comfortably.

Hybrid bikes are ideal for beginners because they can handle all sorts of weather and terrain. Adding extra accessories like fenders, bike lights, and luggage racks ensures you perfectly equipped for everyday life.

What type of cycling are hybrid bikes best suited for?

Hybrid bikes can be used for a variety of activities, including (but not limited to):

  • Daily commutes.
  • Weekend countryside excursions.
  • Long-distance bike rides, tours, and cycling holidays.

Versatility is a hybrid bike’s greatest strength. With elements of both road and mountain bikes, they are the perfect all-rounders, offering optimum performance on any terrain.

Can I use a hybrid bike for long-distance cycling?

Yes, a hybrid bike can be used to cover long distances easily and comfortably. They combine performance with comfort for a powerful yet relaxing ride. For more endurance when cycling, why not try a hybrid e-bike? The Pathlite:ON SUV, for instance, has a huge 750Wh battery, the largest in its range. You’ll have enough juice to go long distances and up steep hills – just make sure you bring your charger for longer cycling trips. You never know when you might need it, as cold weather, rider weight, and terrain type can all affect how long a battery will last.

How do I choose the right hybrid bike for me?

When choosing a hybrid bike, keep a few things in mind. Consider how much you want to spend and what you want to use the bike for, as this will heavily influence which model you end up choosing. If you can, it’s always a good idea to test drive the bike first. That way, you can see if the bike suits you and whether you need any additional accessories.

A final thing to consider is whether you want an electric motor on your bike. Fortunately, all our specialized hybrid bikes are available as e-bikes, so you can easily find a model that works for you.

Hybrid bikes from Canyon

Now that you know what hybrid bikes are, let’s take a closer look at the models available here at Canyon:


The Precede:ON is a fully equipped hybrid e-bike. With plenty of integrated features, an elegant design, and a powerful motor, you can enjoy a comfortable ride without slowing down.


The Roadlite claims the top spot as our lightest hybrid bike yet. It is fast, elegant, and comfortable, making it ideal for city cruising or weekend trips away.


Whether you're commuting or exploring further afield, our Pathlite hybrid bike is the perfect companion. No matter the terrain, the high-tech suspension fork ensures for maximum comfort throughout your trip.

Pathlite:ON SUV

With its incredibly powerful 750Wh battery, the Pathlite:ON SUV really can do it all. Take plenty of spare clothes and snacks, because this bike is ready to go the distance on your next cycling trip, whatever terrain you fancy riding on.

Is a hybrid bike worth it?

In short, yes – very worth it. Hybrid bikes are versatile, comfortable, and extremely easy to ride. You can use them for a variety of different activities, whether you’re an avid weekend cyclist or you just need a bike for your daily commute. Hybrid e-bikes, too, are worth the purchase, even though they can be found in a higher price range. Discover new terrain with an electric touring hybrid bike or get to know a city like never before with an e-city hybrid bicycle.

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