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Podiums are won (and lost) in the bike split. With five Kona World Championship wins, the Speedmax CF SLX and Speedmax CF will put you in a winning position.

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Triathlon bikes are built for maximum speed – and they also have to be highly adjustable, to keep you as comfortable as possible in the aero position. Perfectly adapted to the demands of racing, they feature integrated storage for nutrition, hydration, and tools. Carbon construction and advanced aerodynamics guarantee these bikes are the quickest around.

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Speedmax CF

Crowned once again as Triathlon magazine’s ‘Bike of the Year’, the Speedmax CF SLX is constantly backing up its claim as the number one bike for high-performing triathletes. As two-time Ironman world champion Patrick Lange’s ride of choice, its performance and reliability have been proven time and again at the highest levels of professional competition.

  • 1st Place TOUR Reader's Choice: Time Trial Bike of the Year
  • 1st Place Triathlon Award Reader's Choice

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