Canyon E-Mountain Bikes
Canyon E-Mountain Bikes
Canyon E-Mountain Bikes
Canyon E-Mountain Bikes
Canyon E-Mountain Bikes

E-Mountain Bikes

With an e-mountain bike, ride more trails in less time, and spend longer in the saddle! It’s all possible thanks to the powerful motor and integrated battery. An e-MTB is the right choice for discovering new trails or running lap after lap at the bike park.

Canyon e-MTBs
Canyon e-MTBs
Canyon e-MTBs
Canyon e-MTBs
Canyon e-MTBs

Is this the end of range anxiety?

Battery size options, optimised design and even range extending batteries engineered in-house. Could this truly mean one more lap?
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  • Torque:ON CF 8
    • Only available in L | XL
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    • Color: Stealth
    Fox 38 Performance Grip, Shimano Steps EP8 Motor
    From $5,499
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  • Torque:ON CF Roczen
    • New
    • Color: Roczen 94
    Shimano Steps EP8 Motor, Rock Shox Zeb Ultimate RC2
    From $8,199
    Financing available for this product
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Whether you’re looking for the latest kit, computer mount, pedals, mudguards or you just want to personalise your ride, you’ll find what you need in Gear.

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What is an E-MTB?

An electric mountain bike (often abbreviated to E-MTB) is a mountain bike with an integrated motor to help you pedal. Important to note is that you must pedal to engage the motor so nobody’s getting a free ride!

Hardtail E-MTB or full-suspension E-MTB?

The key difference between a hardtail and full suspension electric mountain bikes is the suspension. Hardtails do not have rear suspension while full-sus mountain bikes have a rear shock.

Should I get an aluminium or carbon E-MTB?

An important distinction between most bikes on the market is the frame material. The weight of the frame will be less of a consideration when buying an e-bike since most of the benefits of a lightweight frame are negated by the additional weight of the e-bike motor and battery.

How much travel does my E-MTB need?

As a general rule of thumb the more travel an E-MTB has the gnarlier the terrain you’ll be able to comfortably ride. Suspension acts as a dampener for rocks and roots so the bigger the rocks you anticipate riding the more travel you’ll need.

How far can I ride an E-MTB on one charge?

We get asked this question a lot and there’s no one answer. Obvious factors like battery capacity motor and rider weight will affect the distance you can travel but there’s a number of other little hacks you can keep in mind if you want to extend your e-bike’s range.

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