Canyon Bike Warranty and Guarantee

You’re covered by a 2 year warranty and 6 year guarantee. This page explains how our warranty and guarantee process works, what to look out for and how to make a claim.

Canyon Bike Warranty and Guarantee

What does the 2 year warranty cover?

Warranty covers Canyon engineered parts as well as parts from original component manufacturers, for example DT Swiss. The warranty only covers material and processing defects that already existed on delivery.

Spare and ware parts such as drivetrain components (chain and cassette), paintwork, bearings or cables are not covered by the Canyon warranty. Nor is any damage caused by external factors from accidental damage, using the bike beyond it’s intended use or wear and tear.

A warranty claim is independent of the original owner of the bike. That means, if you’ve bought the bike second hand and it’s less than 2 years old, you can still make a claim.

Canyon will cover any associated rebuilding, shipping and customs charges for warranty cases.

What does the 6 year guarantee cover?

However, if issues should arise, in addition to the legal warranty you have, we also offer a 6-year guarantee on our frames, seatposts, cockpits, and forks for racing bikes, triathlon bikes and commuter bikes from the date of purchase.

The guarantee only covers material and processing defects that already existed on delivery. Any damage by external factors is not covered under guarantee. For example, wear and tear.

You must be the original owner of the bike and you can make a guarantee claim up to 6 years from the date of purchase.

In case of a guarantee claim, the costs of rebuilding, shipping and customs (if applicable) should be covered by the owner of the bike.

If the item to be replaced is no longer available in the original color, you will receive another color or an upgrade to the successor model.

Canyon brand batteries

There are different guarantee criteria for Canyon brand batteries, as equipped on some E-Bikes. The guarantee covers defects up to two years from purchase date or up to 500 charging cycles, whichever comes first. The batteries are designed to retain up to 70% of their original performance within this period.

How can you make a warranty or guarantee claim?

You can get in touch with us using the contact form.

For a warranty claim we need the following information:
A photograph of your original invoice (attached to your purchase confirmation email).
We’ll also need a photo of your serial number, the bike and the damage, along with as much detail as possible about the issue.

For a guarantee claim we need the following information:
A photo of your serial number, the bike and the damage, along with as much detail as possible about the issue.

What is not covered by guarantee or warranty?

Here’s a few examples of what we do not cover:

  • Accidental damage (damage to the bike caused by a collision, dropping or similar)
  • Wear and tear
  • Damage from corrosion
  • Abuse (riding your bike outside of its intended use, see the bike classification)
What’s the process?

Once you’ve sent your claim, including pictures, one of our experts will assess whether we need further investigation.If that happens we’ll ask you to either:

  • Take the bike to a nearby Canyon service partner, who will inspect your bike for any defects or faults and feed that back to us.
  • Send the bike to us to be inspected.

  • After inspection we’ll be able to tell you whether all, some or none of the problems with your bike are covered by warranty or guarantee.

    We’ll send you a quote for any necessary replacements and repairs that are not covered and, if you’d like, carry out that work while we have your bike.

    Our technical service team will be in touch with you regularly to assist with the process and advise over the next steps.

    The process can take between 2 and 6 weeks, depending on the work needed and whether you need to send the bike to us.

Canyon Crash Replacement program
Canyon Crash Replacement program
We want to get you back riding as quickly as possible. If you’re the original owner and the damage or crash has happened within 3 years of buying the bike, we’ll offer you a discounted like-for-like or similar replacement.
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