Nov 1, 2022
Nov 1, 2022

Innovative DEFEND+ waterproof technology

What does it take to create the best waterproof cycling gear? Our new pioneering fabric achieves this. Find out how in this article.

Innovative DEFEND+ waterproof technology Innovative DEFEND+ waterproof technology

Is this the best waterproof cycling kit yet? DEFEND+ is the new standard in breathable waterproof technology.

Premium Performance is in our DNA, and now it's in our cycling gear. Tested extensively in the grizzliest conditions, the jacket and pants are made to withstand the worst of the weather without weighing you down.

Whether you feel more at home on your mountain bike, enjoy microadventures on your gravel bike, or simply want to explore your town or city on an e-bike, this new technology has got your back.

The technology

The new electro-spun technology allows us to create highly waterproof products with absolute freedom of movement and packability. The ripstop fabric allows air to permeate through the fibres without compromising your protection against the elements.

Innovative DEFEND+ waterproof technology
Innovative DEFEND+ waterproof technology
Innovative DEFEND+ waterproof technology
Innovative DEFEND+ waterproof technology
Innovative DEFEND+ waterproof technology
Innovative DEFEND+ waterproof technology

The harsh reality

A lot of waterproof clothing doesn’t stand the test of time. They’re not breathable, which means you overheat when you exercise, and the taped seams often peel. A fabric that breathes in sync with your heartbeat is the ideal solution to enjoying the great outdoors.

A waterproof rating of 10,000mm ensures a robust barrier between you and the elements. The all too familiar boil-in-the-bag feeling of many waterproofs is a thing of the past with the exceptional breathability rating.

This pioneering fibre has allowed us to create the best cycling jacket for harsh weather.
Innovative DEFEND+ waterproof technology

DEFEND+ waterproof range

Our DEFEND+ rain jacket and rain pants are an essential part of every adventurer's kit list. Whether you're trudging through the mountains or hopping off the bike midway through your expedition, you need to stay warm and dry.

DEFEND+ waterproof cycling jacket

So how do you know you're getting the best rain jacket?

  • Stretchy material allows for movement around the bike. Neat features like an elasticated waistband on our DEFEND+ rain jacket allow for a more tailored fit and stop the jacket from flapping around unnecessarily
  • Waterproof pockets ensure your money, phone, camera, and other important accessories are sheltered from the rain
  • An adjustable hood that fits over your cycling helmet adds even more protection for those rides when you need it most. Keep your head warm and the rain out while you're wearing a helmet
  • Riding in the rain reduces visibility for all road users. The reflective details on this rain jacket help you be seen when riding in traffic
  • This versatile jacket is suitable whether you commute on your road bike, explore on your gravel bike, go bikepacking, or want to hit the trails on your mountain bike
  • The jacket keeps you warm and dry while you’re outside, so that you can maximise your training time.
DEFEND+ waterproof cycling jacket DEFEND+ waterproof cycling jacket
DEFEND+ rain pants

If you're reaching for rain pants, you know it's bad weather. Worry not, our DEFEND+ rain pants are your saviour.

DEFEND+ rain pants

Here are a handful of the benefits of our DEFEND+ rain pants:

  • Four-way stretchy material enable your legs to pedal freely without crunchy, frigid material restricting your movement
  • When the trails get slippy, the tough material can withstand the terrain: these rain pants are ready for your next adventure
  • There's enough room for knee pads, making these pants ideal for mountain biking no matter the weather.

DEFEND+ waterproof range

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