Unique Features of Carbon / Carbon structure on a Canyon frame

Carbon structure on a Canyon frame
Carbon structure on a Canyon frame
Unique Finish on Black Carbon Frames

By using the very latest manufacturing processes, the underlying carbon structure of our carbon frames can be visible in places. This gives each frame its own unique look as you can see how the fibres are layered, creating a unique finish – which can also change depending on how the light catches the frame. This has no adverse effects on the frame or the paint.

This means when you look at the frame, you can see how unidirectional carbon structures that make up your frame actually work. Moreover, you get a frame that has been designed in a manner that goes against convention so in the end you have a product that is a one-off and cannot be replicated.

Carbon, or carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP) to give the material its full name, has a number of characteristics not found on frames constructed out of steel or aluminium.

If you take note of the following advice, then you will be able to keep riding your Canyon problem-free for years to come:
  • When fitting carbon parts or attaching parts to a carbon frame always ensure that all screws are tightened to the recommended tightness (torque) as specified by the manufacturer. You will find the correct torque printed in the assembly instructions or on the part itself.
  • Carbon parts do not have an unlimited lifespan. Therefore, carbon stems and handlebars should be replaced by new parts at regular intervals. The suggested lifespan of certain parts should be stated in the manufacturer’s assembly instructions.
  • Only use specific carbon assembly paste when fitting parts, instead of standard grease.
  • When cleaning carbon only use a soft towel – either dry or wetted with water or weak soap – and then finish the surface with a hard wax.
  • Take care when attaching parts such as bar ends to carbon bars. Carbon bars are not designed to support time trial bar extensions .
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