Ergon SM Pro Saddle

134.000 ₩
Designed for off-road riding, the Ergon SM Pro Saddle is the ideal combination of comfort, support and low weight.
  • Ergon SM Pro Saddle
    색상: black
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134.000 ₩
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With its wide cut-out relief channel reducing perineal pressure and discomfort, the SM Pro caters specifically for the male anatomy. Comfort is further increased by the SM Pro’s OrthoCell Pads and Orthopaedic AirCell foam, while the flat shaped rear is the perfect shape for off-road riding. To keep weight low and add even more comfort, the saddle features lightweight TiNox rails and is constructed using a nylon composite. In it’s M/L size, the SM Pro is ideal for sit-bone widths of 12-16cm (S/M for 9-12cm).

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  • OrthoCell Pads and Orthopaedic AirCell foam for comfort and pressure distribution
  • TiNox rails for low weight and comfort
  • Friction reducing side flanks during pedalling
  • Microfiber cover for easy cleaning


  • S/M ideally suited to sit-bone width of 9-12cm
  • M/L ideally suited to sit-bone width of 12-16cm


  • 1 x Ergon SM Pro Saddle


  • Ergon


  • 245 g

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