Assos Women's Chamois Crème
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Assos Women's Chamois Crème

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Assos Women's Chamois Crème The Women’s Chamois Crème from Assos ensures excellent comfort for long journeys in the saddle. Natural extracts protect your skin from irritation due to friction and the build-up of bacteria. This sensitive lotion also rehydrates and replenishes the skin in this sensitive area, meaning a reduced chance of rubbing and inflammation from hours spent cycling.

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  • Natural extracts
  • Highly sensitive formula
  • Prevents soreness
  • Increases comfort in the saddle
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Apply a light layer directly onto the skin where the chamois sits or onto the chamois itself


  • Volume: 75 ml


  • 1 x Assos Women’s Chamois Crème


  • 100.00 g


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