Electric Bike with hub-gear

Electric Bike with hub-gear

Rain, mud, grime or salt; thanks to the hub gear electric bike you don't have to worry about any of these. Get on your e-bike, clock up some miles, don't worry about the conditions. Canyon's e-bikes take care of the rest.

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    • Kleur: Anchor Grey
    • Kleur: Champagne
    Bosch Performance Line CX, HUB ENVI HD 32H 10x135 40T SOLID AXLE bk
    3.979 €
    5.099 €
    Je bespaart 1.120 €
    of vanaf 663,17 €/maand
    • Kleur: Anchor Grey
    Bosch Performance Line CX, HUB ENVI HD 32H 10x135 40T SOLID AXLE bk
    3.979 €
    5.099 €
    Je bespaart 1.120 €
    of vanaf 663,17 €/maand
  • Pedals done right

    Pedals done right

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The advantages of hub gears on an e-bike

Hub gears with belt drive are particularly suitable for e-bikes made for simple everyday cycling. No maintenance, buttery smooth shifting and no need for chain oil, meaning clean clothes. A quick look at the advantages of an e-bike with hub gears:


A hub gear is comfortable due to the intuitive shifting and easy turning of the grip shifter. The robust planetary gear system within the hub gear harmonises perfectly with the motor power of the e-bike.

Wide gear ratio

The range between the lightest and heaviest gear ratios – the so-called gear ratio range is large for a hub gear. In most cases, it corresponds roughly to the range of a 10-speed derailleur. This range allows you to continuously adapt to resistance.

Smooth transition

A special oil in the hub shell ensures an effortless transition from one gear ratio to the next. Shifting under load is child's play. The gear ratio is changed continuously via balls and discs that do not touch each other directly. This makes the shifting system very durable.

Maximum motor efficiency

With a simple twist of the handlebars, the hub gears make it easy for you to ride at your desired cadence and pedalling resistance. Setting the correct cadence is also beneficial for motor efficiency and battery range.

Full control

With the hub gears on the e-bike, you’re able to change ratios under any conditions. You can shift gears from a standstill, on a hill, or at high speed. In city traffic, this is a distinct safety advantage. It makes riding carefree.

Hub gears with an e-bike motor

The robust hub gears can easily handle the powerful drive of an mid-motor e-bike. It is even approved for cargo bikes, more powerful motors, and higher torques. The motor is allowed to deliver its full torque to the hub.

The advantage for the hub gear is clear: A carelessly maintained chain can reduce your range. The hub gear eliminates this problem.

Hub gears vs. derailleur gears

If you want to ride your e-bike in a sporty manner with the most responsive delivery of power, then go for derailleur shifting. Derailleur gears are lighter and offer more direct shifting, however, they require more care and maintenance.

For e-city, e-trekking, and e-touring the hub gears make sense. At full motor power and under load, gear changes are silent, comfortable, and smooth. Depending on riding style, e-bikes can generate a lot of torque, which can be detrimental to the life of chains and sprockets. This is not an issue with the belt driven hub systems.

Precede:ON e-bike with hub gears and belt drive

Arriving sweaty at work? Dirty chains, oil stains on your trouser legs, and a maintenance backlog on your bike? The Precede:ON e-bike with hub gears and belt drive puts an end to all that. This e-bike is light, safe, and provides optimum riding comfort. The powerful motor harmonises with the smooth hub gears, which are a breeze to operate using the handlebar grip shift.

Whether in the city or the countryside, steep hills pose no problem for the powerful Bosch Performance CX in the Precede:ON – even with luggage and a child seat. The generous battery capacity of the Precede:ON gets you home.

You can choose between two frame materials for our Precede:ON e-city bikes with hub gears:

  • The PRECEDE:ON AL with an aluminium frame offers first-class motor and drive technologies at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.
  • The PRECEDE:ON CF with an aluminium frame offers first-class motor and drive technologies at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

The equipment, the seating position, the frame shape (choose from the stylish step over or functional step through), ergonomic grips and saddle, the Supernova lighting system, and the puncture protection tyres: All Precede:ON models are designed for effortless, stress-free and safe riding.

E-bike with hub gears to buy online at Canyon

When buying an e-bike with hub gears for men and women online, we offer comprehensive support. It’s imperative to choose the right size. Two body measurements are enough to determine the ideal frame size with our Perfect Positioning System. You can enter the measurements on our product page. Your dream bike will be delivered directly to your door.

Perfectly adapted, an e-bike with hub gears makes it easier for you to lead a lifestyle in which you are happy to leave the car behind and get around by e-bike. Stylish, bold and reliable, our Precede:ON is the perfect travel companion for everyday life, from the work commute to weekend adventures.

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