Grand Canyon AL SLX 9.9


A truly stunning machine

The Grand Canyon AL SLX 9.9 is an incredible ride for the money. The obvious highlight is the gold Kashima-legged Factory-series Fox 32 fork providing beautifully smooth, consistently controlled suspension. You even get ’automatic’ bump sensing Terralogic damping for set-and-forget sensitivity levels.

While enjoyable trail capability is a bonus, the Grand Canyon is designed first and foremost to be blisteringly quick and it never disappoints. Power transfer is efficiently direct, and it’s pretty light despite the longer frame and 29er wheels. Factor in the way it carries the speed it gains so easily, even on technical trails, and it really is a stunningly rapid and enjoyable machine.

You can read the full review online here.

A smooth yet scorching racer that doesn’t fear more rugged trails - this is an outstanding package!