Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 LTD

Pro Cycling, 07/2013

Marcel Wust tested Katusha’s weapon of choice - the new Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 LTD for Pro Cycling and enjoyed his ride pretty much.

"Riding a Canyon is always great fun because of the race-bred geometry – this medium frame has a short wheelbase of just 977mm. I had no problem getting my riding position dialled in; the 150mm headtube is very well proportioned to allow a racy saddle-to-handlebar drop while not being so short that many riders would need lots of stem spacers.

This bike’s lack of mass made me think about how often bikes in the pro peloton are actually weighed, because with a set of ultra-light carbon tubular climbing wheels in its sub-800g frame, this bike would be just 6kg. But while this is too light for the UCI , it definitely makes it a fantastic climbing companion.

I tackled a few climbs on my first day with the Ultimate and every one was a joy. The steep sections of the southern ascent of the Cura offer ramps of up to 16 per cent but the great bike under me made these ramps feel easier than usual. The bike not only feels light but also well balanced and easy to throw around when dancing on the pedals.

Accelerating out of hairpins while climbing is as much fun as descending because when you put pressure on the pedals, the bike responds immediately."

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"I finished my first ride with a few short accelerations up all the rolling hills on my way home and knew one thing for sure: as long as I have this bike I will take every chance enjoy more kilometres on it…"