Lett el-sykkel med landevei-egenskaper og geometri. Support for opp til 90 km med de seneste Fazua 50 Evation motorene.


En lett elektrisk landeveissykkel med Fazua minimal assistanse motor og endurance-geometri.
Elektriske landeveissykler // endurance

E-landeveissykling. Sammen. For alle.


En lett, kvikk 16 kg elektrisk hybridsykkel med Fazua minimal assistanse-batteri.
Elektrisk landeveissykkel // Hybrid

Flatt styre for kontroll. E-landeveissykkel fart.

  • 4 varer
  • Roadlite:ON 5
    • Ny
    • Farge: Shadow Grey
    Shimano Deore M5100 11s, FAZUA RIDE 60 DRIVE UNIT
    32.799 NOK
    eller fra 1.050,22 NOK/mnd.
  • Roadlite:ON CF 9 LTD
    • Ny
    • Farge: Storm Grey
    56.599 NOK
    eller fra 1.812,30 NOK/mnd.
  • Roadlite:ON 7
    • Bare tilgjengelig i L | XL
    • Ny
    • Farge: Light Grey
    Shimano Deore XT M8100 12speed, FAZUA RIDE 60 DRIVE UNIT
    38.499 NOK
    eller fra 1.232,74 NOK/mnd.
  • Endurace:ON 7
    • Kommer snart
    • Farge: Morning Blue
    • Farge: New Grey
    Shimano GRX RX812 GS, Fazua Evation DU
    33.999 NOK
    eller fra 1.088,65 NOK/mnd.
Elsykkel-ekspertene E-Road, ofte stilte spørsmål

Performance til alle
Tysk ingeniørkunst til en bedre pris
30 dager prøve og retur
Vilkår og betingelser gjelder
Den rette størrelsen, garantert
Flere størrelser for en bedre passform

Ekspertservice på elsykkel

Full inspeksjons- og servicepakke inkl. komplett systemdiagnose og oppdatering av programvare.

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Electric Road Bikes

Get yourself the essential power advantage and extend your time in the saddle. Discover E-Road bikes from Canyon.

Is it worth buying an electric road bike?

There is a significant difference between an E-Road bike and a slightly heavier city E-Bike. With a powerful motor and a well-balanced battery, the electric road bike retains its light-footedness. It plays out its strengths on long rides. The motor supports cyclists up to a speed of 15 mph (25 kmh), an advantage that you will learn to appreciate on steep climbs. Conquer hills with pleasure instead of pain! You will soon notice how your rides become longer day to day.

What can I use an E-Road bike for?

Road bikes and E-Road bikes share most route options. The electric drivetrain allows the rider to enjoy the beauty of road cycling no matter their fitness level or ability.

  • Relaxing E-Road bike rides - Are you struggling to ride as far or as fast as you used to? Do you want to return to cycling after an injury without risk? With an e-road bike, you don't have to give up cycling. Tackle your bucket list rides while sparing your energy and your joints.
  • Extend your after-work rides - Don't skip a hill or a turn during your after-work ride. No matter how exhausted you are from work, a road bike with electric support will take you to your favourite places and beyond. Extend your ride home without spending more energy and time.
  • Sportive group rides - Tired of getting dropped on your group rides? Power up for the next training session with your friends or family members. Don’t let performance differences stop you from having fun together. Hills, ramps, or road sign sprints - with an E-Road bike you save your energy for the final effort.
  • Why buy the Canyon Endurace:ON?

    The Canyon Endurace:ON is a cleverly extended endurance road bike with low weight and an aluminium frame. Unisex geometry makes it comfortable for road cyclists of all sizes and genders. Our relaxed long-distance geometry ensures that you will spend longer hours in the saddle in comfort. Due to the motor and battery, the weight of the E-Road bike is higher. That's why generous 160mm disc brake rotors are necessary, which generate considerable braking power at high speeds or during abrupt manoeuvres. The trend towards wider road bike tyres continues on the Endurace:ON. Supple 32mm tyres promise more traction and support while cornering.

    Our E-Road bike is equipped with a small but powerful battery motor drive system that is tuned to typical road cycling cadences. The drive is seamlessly integrated into the frame. At first glance, the difference to a normal road bike is not noticeable. For the gears, we rely on the robust GRX components from our gravel bikes. With a 48-tooth single chainring and a 11-42 cassette, you won't run out of gears in the mountains or on the flat.

    Buy electric road bikes online at Canyon

    In our Canyon online shop you will find the right electric road bike for you. In addition to E-Road bikes, discover other E-Bikes such as e-MTBs and e-gravel bikes made of carbon as well as touring E-Bikes made of aluminium at direct mail order prices. Buying your bike online is no disadvantage: we deliver your bike to your home almost ready to ride. A generous six-year warranty gives you peace of mind.

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