Canyon FUEL Bottle
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Canyon FUEL Bottle

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Canyon FUEL Bottle
Canyon FUEL Bottle

Canyon FUEL Bottle The harder you ride, the more fluid is lost from your body. This means that performing at your best on the bike requires regular hydration. It’s that simple. Our new Fuel water bottle is available in 600ml and 750ml sizes, features a jet valve to ensure no leakage and is fully recyclable. Constructed using lightweight and squeezable polypropene for the cap and body, silicone for the cap ring and TPR for the nozzle, this durable bottle has been tested for impacts from up to 2 meters.

Canyon FUEL Bottle
Canyon FUEL Bottle

Detalhes do produto


  • Tapered shape for a snug fit but easy access
  • Jet valve ensures no leakage while drinking on the move
  • FDA approved, BPA-free, odor free, dishwasher-safe
  • Usable in temperatures -2/90+ degrees
  • Made from lightweight polypropene
  • Available with a choice of four different colour cap rings


  • 1 x Canyon Fuel Bottle


  • 80 g


  • Plástico


  • 0,60 l

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