Nerve MR 9.0

Bike 04/10

The Nerve MR prevailed among 12 test bikes and secured the „Bike Tip Race“.

16 Marathon-Full suspension bikes between 2000 and 2500 Euro were invited to the latest marathon-test of the Bike magazine. The Canyon Nerve MR 9.0 participated at a price of 2.299 Euro and scooped the „Bike Tip Race“ award by a wide margin.

The extensive work to optimise the anti-squat-kinematics has paid off: The rear triangle delivered excellent results in all disciplines and even showed the least squatting on the smallest chainring. Bikers who go uphill from time to time will appreciate this capability. Furthermore, at only 11.4 kilogrammes the bike is the lightest in the test field, therefore it's hardly surprising that the Nerve MR 9.0 also won the uphill-evaluation at a canter.

The product managers had the right touch when they chose the equipment: Canyon wins this evaluation with flying colours as well. The mix of Fox shock, Magura fork and the light Formula R1 brakes, together with the lightest wheel set of the test left nothing to be desired by the testers.

Conclusion: Despite some small points of criticism the Nerve MR 9.0 scooped the test victory as the best balanced marathon-fully.

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