Nerve AM 8.0 X

BIKE, 12.2011

The ultimate all mountain machine. The Nerve AM 8.0 X.

Raw- that's what the Americans call the brush-finish on the Nerve AM 8.0 X. We just say it's great that there's now an alternative to the mainstream, but boring black anodized finish.

The X stands for the version with a double chain ring. Whether that makes sense here is purely a question of preference and every rider must make up his own mind about this. (...) The advantages of this all mountain machine are the mega ground clearance and the Bashguard. These great features coupled with the Rock-Shox telescopic seat post, the fat tyres and the tidy cockpit thanks to SRAM Matchmaker all fit in superbly with this remarkable all mountain ensemble.
Steep ramps force the rider to lower the fork. When riding uphill the rider can push the fork to its limits whilst still remaining in full control. The bike offers superb stability and is extremely stiff.

Tuning is a foreign word to this all mountain machine. Canyon's Nerve AM X 8.0 is the ideal choice in this target group.

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