Dessa arbeten är enkla för den som är intresserad av cykling. För den här workshopen krävs inga speciella verktyg utan det räcker med standardverktyg som insexnycklar, tänger eller skruvmejslar. Här hittar du all information om hur du justerar din cykel.

If you take care of your Canyon properly during the season, you won’t need to do much when storing it for a short time (except keeping it safe from theft). We recommend that you store your Canyon in a dry, well ventilated room. If you want to store your Canyon for the winter, there are a few points you should observe:

  • During long periods of storage, the tubes gradually deflate. If your Canyon is standing on a flat tyre for a longer period, this can damage the tyre, so you should regularly check tyre pressure or hang up your wheels.
  • You should clean your Canyon if it is not in use for a longer period.
  • Remove the and let any moisture in the seat tube and seat post dry off. Spray some oil into the seat post tube. (Not for carbon frames and tubes)
  • Store your Canyon in a dry room.
  • Don’t expose your Canyon to intense sunlight over long periods. This could cause the tyres to start chafing.
  • Shift onto the smallest and into the smallest sprocket at the rear. This relieves the tension on the shift cables.
  • Hydraulic brake lines can attract moisture after a longer period of time. Therefore, after longer periods out of service, you should check that the disc brakes have a tangible biting point and the brake levers can’t be pulled right through until they touch the handlebars. If this is the case, then you’ll need to bleed the brakes.
  • Before riding the bike, check that the and suspension have the correct air pressure.
Friskrivning av Ansvar
Canyon jobbar hårt för att informationen här i teknisk support ska vara så korrekt och uppdaterad som möjligt. Men alla reparationer eller justeringar som du gör själv på egen risk. Skulle du vara tveksam över något så ska du skicka in cykeln till oss eller en kvalificerad mekaniker/cykelverkstad. Canyon tar inget ansvar och lämnar ingen garantier på att informationen här i teknisk support är korrekt.
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