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We stand for ...

We want to build
the best bike

We feel a sense of obligation to satisfy the demands of the biker community and our customers.
That’s why we place the utmost demands upon our products and services. This applies to research, design and development as well as to the assembly of bikes and customer service. We take the time to conduct elaborate tests and ride the trail or route one more time to find out for ourselves just what it is we’re creating, and to ensure we really know what we’re talking about. We want to take responsibility for our sport and for promoting the spirit of a large biker community. This is something we do with all the passion we can muster.

We want to share our
passion for the sport

Being part of a community of like-minded people means we have a constant exchange of ideas with our customers in order to stay well informed about the demands they place on our products. The customers are our motivators, provide us with impetus and are also our test riders. We actively seek contact to them and endeavour to engage with them in a fair dialogue. We represent a forum and community for passionate racing cyclists, where there is an active discussion and exchange of ideas. This enables both us and the customers to progress together. This solidarity with the biker community forms our backbone and helps us to keep in perspective why we actually do the work we do.
We aim to give the sport impetus because it's the sport that has given us that very same impetus. Therefore we also want to give every biker the chance to make his own personal contribution.

Pure Cycling.