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Grand Canyon CF SLX 29


Test victory

Vélo Tout Terrain

20/20 (1st time in the history of the magazine).

As swift as an arrow and super-light – the Transalp winner in 2012 and 2013 competes in the premier league with its high-end carbon frame and refined technical features. The successful recipe of the current European marathon champion is concealed inside the frame. Intelligent fibre orientation of various carbon-fibre materials allows us to exploit the advantages of the material to the full, giving the bike outstanding stiffness and comfort values.

Short chain stays for agile handling with no skittishness, a low bottom bracket for a good seat on the bike, short head tube for firm uphill riding – the Grand Canyon CF SLX offers the best preconditions for use in marathon and XC racing. The extremely stiff oversize head tube ensures even more agile handling and a safe riding sensation on high-speed descents. A further highlight is the Impact Protection Unit (IPU) in the top tube which prevents the handlebar damaging it in the event of a fall. With its race-proven geometry, the new Grand Canyon CF SLX is ideally suited for ambitious XC and marathon riders.


Grand Canyon CF SLX 29


Steering precision and handling accuracy are key when riding. Thanks to the Tapered Steerer, both are guaranteed. The larger diameter of the lower bearing creates a more stable platform, while also accepting tapered fork shafts. As a result, you get a more responsive front end under braking and through corners.


Brush yourself off after a big crash and you immediately worry about damage to your bike. It’s natural. Our Impact Protection Unit helps take the worry away. The unit is attached with hollow screws and acts as a limit stop for the handlebars. Give it a minor knock and the bars will bounce off, apply enough force and the screws are designed to break and absorb the full impact, leaving the carbon structure of the top tube unharmed.


Stiffness is the greatest asset. This doesn't just apply to the frame, but also to the axles. By using an X12 thru-axle the stiffness is increased and bike handling is significantly improved.


Carbon fibre has incredible strength-to-weight properties, but to fully exploit these you need the right layup. By varying how the layers are applied we can target key areas for extra stiffness or comfort using our extensive carbon know-how.

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