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Spectral AL 29

The Spectral is built to deliver ultimate kicks whatever the trail, wherever you ride. Armed with all that you need for all-mountain cruising, the tapered steerer and through axles boost stiffness for fast and accurate handling with more direct braking performance, while the PressFit bottom bracket provides a solid pedalling platform. A responsive 130 mm chassis combines perfectly with the large contact patch of 29” wheels to give unreal amounts of traction at all times and dispatch sketchy root and rock sections without even breaking a sweat.

Our proven Anti-Squat Kinematics help to eliminate pedal bob and work together with the steep 74° seat angle to ensure efficient power transfer when spinning the cranks back up to the top. The low-slung bottom bracket and compact chainstays creates a balanced geometry that unites the best in terms of agility and stability when carving turns or bombing descents. Unstoppable in pretty much any riding scenario, the Spectral AL 29 is rounded off by its distinctive and flowing forms to match the shapes you’ll be throwing out on the trails.

models 2015 – available now!

Spectral AL 9.9 SL € 3,999

Spectral AL 9.9 EX € 3,399

Spectral AL 9.9 € 2,999

Spectral AL 8.9 € 2,599

Spectral AL 7.9 € 2,199

models 2014 – Secure one of the remaining 2014 models now

Spectral AL 9.9 EX € 3,199

Spectral AL 9.9 SL € 3,299

Spectral AL 9.9 SL CH € 3,299

Spectral AL 8.9 € 2,499

Spectral AL 7.9 CH € 2,099

Spectral AL 7.9 € 2,099

Spectral AL 6.9 € 1,799


Steering precision is one of the most important parameters for ride features. Thanks to the Tapered Steerer the package space for the fork shaft and the bottom headset. It also allows conical fork shafts to be fitted which give a more direct feel at the front during braking and steering.


Thanks to the position of the bearing points on the four-link, the so-called anti-squat kinematics, compensates pedal induced bob. Any lockout and high compression damping can be avoided. The rear triangle works sensitively, without any power loss and provides more comfort and traction.

Postmount standard

Thanks to the Postmount standard on the rear wheel, the screws are now subjected solely to tensile and no longer to shear stress. This ensures a greater level of safety of the assembly. The aluminium frame diverts the heat that is generated into the rear triangle, thereby ensuring a high level of stability.


The new Canyon through-axle system delivers maximum rigidity to the rear wheel with its 12 mm through-axle. Compared to other through-axle systems, the rear wheel is mounted fully on the dropout which means that the wheel can be fitted and removed more easily and faster.