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Spectral AL

Designed for uncompromising all-mountain challenges

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3rd / 4.5 out of 5

MountainBIKE Testsieger

Test Winner - Outstanding

The Spectral AL is our response to the uncompromising demands of all-mountain riding. A totally new design, the high quality aluminium frame comes with 140mm of travel and possesses a whole host of new and time-tested technical features, for example, the "Canyon Through Axle", integrated chainstay guard, PressFit bottom bracket and an integrated derailleur hanger. The Spectral AL sets itself apart from the competition with its versatility, it is perfectly at home on steep ascents, flowing singletrack and technical descents. The 27.5" wheels provide the ideal compromise between lively handling and super smoothness as well as low weight.

"Refined Simplicity", focussing on the essentials - these were the overriding objectives when developing the Spectral AL. The result is a distinct, innovative design characterised by clear, flowing contours, which make the various elements converge as if to form a single unit. The unique tube shapes and stays that connect seamlessly with the main triangle create the iconic, distinct frame silhouette of the Spectral AL. Simply mount up, set off and enjoy the ride. The new Spectral AL – a stunning all-round experience.


Spectral AL 9.0 EX € 3,099

Spectral AL 9.0 SL € 3,499

Spectral AL 8.0 € 2,699

Spectral AL 7.0 € 2,199

Spectral AL 7.0 W € 2,199

Spectral AL 6.0 € 1,999


Steering precision is one of the most important parameters for ride features. Thanks to the Tapered Steerer the package space for the fork shaft and the bottom headset. It also allows conical fork shafts to be fitted which give a more direct feel at the front during braking and steering.

Anti-Squat Kinematic

The special layout of the kinematic joints and levers ensures that the various forces eliminate each other. This suppresses squat without the suspension losing any of its sensitive response. The rear triangle works sensitively without power loss and offers comfort and traction.

Postmount standard

Thanks to the Postmount standard on the rear wheel, the screws are now subjected solely to tensile and no longer to shear stress. This ensures a greater level of safety of the assembly. The aluminium frame diverts the heat that is generated into the rear triangle, thereby ensuring a high level of stability.

Canyon Through Axle

The new Canyon through-axle system delivers maximum rigidity to the rear wheel with its 12 mm through-axle. Compared to other through-axle systems, the rear wheel is mounted fully on the dropout which means that the wheel can be fitted and removed more easily and faster.