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Speedmax CF

Beat the Street

100% UCI compliant – every second counts! Even the most extreme riding positions favoured by time trialists are easy to achieve with the special time trial stem. Numerous configuration options are provided as standard, so you can save more watts by customising the armpad and extension positions. The drop bar and the Di2 shifters on the brake lever get you in the perfect attack position for starting and coming out of corners. The special geometry provides maximum stability for the straights, and you can use the Rake Shift on the fork to adjust it for short, winding prologues or team time trials.

Unrivalled aerodynamics, flexibility and system integration. The Canyon Speedmax CF is a bike that adjusts for the rider – not the other way around. Our inhouse Canyon cockpit offers a wide range of possible combinations of stem, basebar, extensions and spacers, for the kind of flexibility demanded by triathletes and time trialists alike. The Trident profile provides greater stiffness and improved aerodynamic characteristics, and the integrated brakes mean there is nowhere left for the wind to attack.


Speedmax CF 9.0 LTD € 6,999

Speedmax CF 9.0 SL € 6,399

Speedmax CF 9.0 PRO € 5,299

Speedmax CF 9.0 € 4,499

Speedmax CF 8.0 € 3,899

Integrated front and rear brakes

Optimum use of limited space: This is guaranteed by the integrated centre-pull brake which delivers outstanding performance and modulation whilst in addition being around 60g lighter than a conventional rim brake.

Integrated stem system with\ninternally routed cables

The shift and brake cables enter the frame through inserts in the Canyon Aero Stem and nare then routed completely inside the frame. A mere 12cm of Di2 cable is externally routed in the cockpit area. A unique innovation: The front brake cable is routed through the centre of the two headset bearings. This avoids sharp bends in the cables and the rider does not need to exert a great deal of pressure on the lever to achieve powerful braking performance.

Rakeshift drop-out to adjust fork trail

Thanks to the Rake Shift inserts the rider can modify the ride characteristics of the bike. There are three available settings (front / centre /rear) with each setting delivering a 2.5mm difference in trail. Greater trail delivers a smoother ride whilst less trail delivers a somewhat more agile frame geometry.

Integrated seat post clamp

In order to reduce air turbulence around the frame the seat clamp was entirely integrated in the frame. The assembly requires a very low level of tightening torque.

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