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Canyon Speedmax CF - start of assembly

Canyon would like to sincerely apologise to all those customers who have ordered a Speedmax CF over the last few months and still have not received a confirmed delivery date for their new bikes. Due to the complexity of the assembly process and the bike’s individual configuration there were unfortunately some unexpected delays in final assembly of the bike.
The current status is that all the relevant components for the assembly of your new bike will be available during the course of this week and we plan to start production from Monday 22 April 2013. After the assembly of your bike has been completed, it will then undergo a final quality assurance check. We anticipate that the first customers should take delivery of their bikes during the course of next week. So as to keep you updated on the assembly of the bikes, we will be posting a few photos of the assembly process of the Speedmax CF on Facebook next week.
In order to speed up the assembly process we have increased our capacity which means that we will be able to deal with all the currently outstanding orders over the next six weeks.
Our customer service team will continue to inform all customers about the current status of their orders, including a number of you who have already been contacted today and given a final assembly date.
We thank you once again for choosing Canyon and wish you happy riding with your new Canyon Speedmax CF!