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Toute la france tip game winner - week one

Here are the winners of our first round "Toute la France - Betting Game".
Achim K., Holger M. and Nico M. have won a signed Katusha jersey.
A. Barre, Bill S. and Mark H. get "captured-the-book" by Tino Pohlmann Photography.
Erhard S., Marco B., Gianni V., Mathias R., F. Bortolotti, Alberto C., Marco R., D. Martina and Juan Pablo R. can look forward to a Canyon Factory Enduro Team jersey.
The Nerve AL 9.0, the main prize of our Enduro Betting Game goes to Robert B..
Many thanks for your participation, have fun with your prizes and good luck for the next round.
If you also want to win some great prizes, then sign up now for our "Toute la France - Betting Game" at - http://bit.ly/TLF_Betting_Game

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