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Grand Canyon CF 9.0 LTD

Bike 05/09 (model 2009)

  • Highest number of points uphill 75/81 points
  • Highest number of points downhill 30, 75/39 points
  • Best STW evaluation 84,7
  • Lightest bike at 8,5 kilogrammes
  • Best comfort evaluation with 6,67 mm Flex

On its new carbon hardtail Canyon has made the best possible use of materials in achieving high levels of comfort.

With the use of carbon fibre it is now possible to achieve things which were not possible in the past:"The ensemble of lightness, stiffness and nevertheless controlled flex guarantees a certain level of comfort in the saddle." This is where Canyon scores highest: The Grand Canyon CF 9.0 LTD shines forth with the best weight to stiffness ratio and the highest levels of comfort. The editors of Bike praise the race hardtail saying, "The STW evaluation of 84,7 catapults Canyon to the front of the field and surpasses the evaluation in the previous carbon-hardtail test in Bike magazine 12/08." "Despite the extremely high level of headset stiffness, the Canyon also achieves the highest level of comfort with its 6,67 mm of flex at the saddle. This clearly demonstrates that the ensemble of weight, stiffness and comfort has been a resounding success. Canyon has also gone for a 27.2 seat tube alongside the slim seat stays with frame sizes S and M."
"A large, stiff and hollow bottom bracket shell narrowing towards the top." The patented Maximus seat tube guarantees maximum forward propulsion. However it's not just about the direct transmission of power or a measureable level of comfort. "The seat stays are asymmetrically designed to accommodate braking forces... The Acros headset with integrated oversteer protector prevents damage to the top tube which can occur through an over-rotation of the handlebar." This was the survey of Bike magazine.
The Grand Canyon performs as well on route as it does on the test stand: "Thanks to the low total weight and the extremely light DT-carbon wheels and light tyres the bike simply rockets forward. The conclusion about the bike's downhill quality is: There isn't another hardtail that can beat this bike downhill." This is proven by just taking a little glance at the points table: Highest number of points in the evaluation for uphill and the same applies to downhill. Canyon impresses right across the board.

Canyon has produced one of the best race bikes of the season with its Grand Canyon CF 9.0 LTD. The bike has made the best possible use of the material used and handles with the utmost of agility and speed.

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