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First it was steel, followed by aluminium and finally carbon - but what material will it be next? We, at Canyon, are taking on the challenges of the future. We are testing new materials - each and every individual element. In the last few years it has been aluminium and carbon which have established themselves. Have we now reached the end of the line? Are these the be all and end all materials of the future? No way! We focus not merely on forward power, but also on rider comfort because it's comfort that converts into improved performance. But just how do we achieve optimum levels of comfort? First and foremost, it's important that the materials offer good elasticity and damping characteristics as well as absorbing shocks, since this is the only way the rider can be protected from undue vibration.


In terms of elasticity and damping carbon and aluminium have reached their limits. That's why we at Canyon are now venturing down untrodden paths and using basalt fibres in the new VCLS-Post. And why? Basalt fibres guarantee greater elasticity and offer better damping characteristics than carbon fibres. They also contribute to measurably and noticeably higher levels of comfort. Basalt fibres have up to four times more elasticity than carbon fibres. And that's what really matters when it comes to the seat post because this is the component which needs to reliably absorb and be responsive to the smallest shocks.


The development of the Canyon VCLS-Post represents the dawn of a new era in seat post manufacturing. The VCLS-Post guarantees spring and damping performance which significantly relieves pressure on the rider's muscles. The frameset Ultimate CF SLX Evo together with the new VCLS-Post, the new i-Lock PIT headset (allowing a weight saving of 22 grammes), as well as the titanium brake bolts and SLX seat clamp have all contributed to creating an even lighter frameset-component ensemble.


VCLS Post – Impresses with premium levels of comfort. Basalt fibres are four times more elastic than those of carbon.

Ultimate CF SLX Frameset – Thanks to the use of diverse carbon fibres the frame converts pedal power into unbridled forward power and reliably absorbs peak loads.

i-Lock PIT – Headset manufactured from fibre-plastic composite guarantees the longest possible service life. Weight saving: 22 grammes.

One One Four SLX Fork – Guarantees outstanding levels of comfort and stiffness. Top marks for stiffness and comfort. TOUR magazine (01/09).