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Kvalitet er nøkkelen - derfor bruker Canyon's team av ingeniører de mest progressive utvikling og testmetoder for å skape de sikreste og beste syklene i verden. Alle sykler er utviklet, montert og testet av oss, her ved vårt hovedkontor i Koblenz.


Canyon puts every carbon fork through its paces before it’s fitted. Why?
The narrow tolerances that are typical in the manufacture of carbon products make these tests necessary. We want to offer the customer the best possible product and this requires alongside characteristics such as stiffness, weight and comfort most definitely the maintenance of safety for our customers. For us to be able to guarantee all this quality control is an immensely important factor.

What tests are conducted on the fork?
All carbon forks are firstly put through an intensive X-ray examination.

In the event that any abnormalities are detected in the fabric, a more extensive inspection of the fork is carried out using a CT scan before it is passed on to our assembly plant. We thereby significantly increase the level of component safety and markedly reduce the risks for our customers.

What other roles does the CT scanner play?
Alongside its role in quality control, the CT plays a major part in the development of components. The knowledge and experience gained in the tests is exchanged in close cooperation with the manufacturers in order to consistently improve quality.