Canyon Men's Signature Pro Skinsuit

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Using the latest cutting-edge design and fabric technology, the Canyon Signature Pro Skinsuit has been developed to offer maximum aerodynamics and supreme comfort.
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  • Canyon Men's Signature Pro Skinsuit
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2.360 DKK
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Canyon Men's Signature Pro Skinsuit


NeoAir sleeves cut wind resistance, reducing friction as your speed increases
Canyon Men's Signature Pro Skinsuit

Full-length zipper

To easily get in and out of your skinsuit
Canyon Men's Signature Pro Skinsuit

Firm hold

Elastic leg gripper holds shorts firmly in place.
Canyon Men's Signature Pro Skinsuit

Pro-proven chamois

Etxeondo Urraki pad is constructed from six pieces of high density, viscoelastic memory foam of variable densities, which minimise soft tissue pressure and maximise skeletal comfort.
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Canyon performance fabric system

No matter what the outside conditions; hot, cold, windy or wet; combined with the effort, distance and terrain, the key to personal comfort is managing your body’s heat and moisture. By managing moisture, we can protect and maintain body comfort establishing an equilibrium or perfect balance for the ultimate in riding comfort.

Canyon PUSH+ System

  • When we ride hard or in hot weather, we sweat. 
  • This raises our core body temperature, leading to dehydration and a decrease in muscle endurance.
  • Canyon Push+ products are for uncompromising riders who want the best technology Canyon has to offer.
  • Our technical fabrics transfer moisture away from the skin, absorbing sweat and allowing you to focus on your ride.
  • Perfect equilibrium, stable conditions and complete performance.
  • This is Canyon PUSH+. Above and beyond Canyon PUSH in functionality and performance.


When we reduce our frontal area we cut through the air faster. Less drag equals more speed. Our skinsuit features NeoAir sleeves to cut wind resistance, reducing friction as your speed increases. Microsystem Endurance fabric used on the torso is both lightweight and exceptionally breathable. Powersystem Endurance fabric on the lower half is composed of compact, light fibers with a 50+ UVA protection to provide outstanding compression, adjustment and next to the skin comfort. At the heart of the Pro Skinsuit is the Urraki chamois, a pro-level pad constructed from six pieces of variable high-density memory foam designed to prevent soft-tissue pain. To absorb moisture and reduce skin irritation, the pad features microfiber perforations along with a seamless construction and antibacterial treatment.



  • Urraki chamois pad - pro-proven for maximum comfort
  • Microsystem Endurance fabric on torso is light and breathable while Powersystem Endurance fabric on legs offers compression and comfort
  • NeoAir sleeves are aerodynamic
  • Elastic leg grippers
  • Three back pockets
  • 50+ UVA protection
  • 70% Polyamide, 20% Elastane, 10% Polyurethane


  • 1 x Canyon Men's Skinsuit


  • Canyon


  • 300 g



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