Jul 9, 2020 Canyon.com
Jul 9, 2020 Canyon.com

Pathlite vs. Roadlite

Looking for a new all-purpose bike but can’t decide between the Pathlite and the Roadlite? There are a few important differences which we highlight in this overview.

Pathlite vs. Roadlite Pathlite vs. Roadlite // Canyon.com

The Roadlite is categorised as a City Bike , whereas the Pathlite is a Touring Bike . Although these two types of bikes may look similar in terms of components, there are significant differences.

The Roadlite is derived from our road bikes and is geared towards light weight, agility, and on-road speed. The Pathlite doesn’t offer quite the same level of performance, but it is a shining example of outstanding versatility. It is ready for anything on or off the road, from extended adventure trips on dirt roads and gravel paths to your daily commute through the city.

Pathlite vs. Roadlite Pathlite vs. Roadlite // Photo: Canyon.com

What are the differences?

Although the two bikes are similar in many ways, there are a few key differences between the Pathlite and Roadlite series.

The Pathlite offers a great ride and good handling on asphalt, but it really comes into its own on gravel and dirt roads. Thanks to its suspension fork and wider tyres, it is suitable for almost any terrain and offers a comfortable, adaptable, versatile, and reliable ride.

But like any all-in-one solution, the Pathlite cannot match the absolute on-road performance of the Roadlite. Thanks to its lower weight, narrow tyres, and improved aerodynamics, the Roadlite offers superior responsiveness, speed, and agility.


The Pathlite features a more relaxed frame geometry than the Roadlite. A longer head tube enables a more comfortable riding position on the Pathlite, which is also why the top tube has more of a slope than the almost horizontal top tube on the Roadlite. This makes the Pathlite more forgiving, which is a real asset on off-road terrain. In comparison, the Roadlite is significantly more agile and responsive on the road.

Overall, touring bikes like the Pathlite are geared more towards stability and comfort, with a higher ride than city bikes like the Roadlite. The higher bottom bracket provides added clearance for rough terrain, while the longer wheelbase gives a smoother ride.

Wheels & tyres

The Pathlite’s tyres are at least 40 mm wide. Some e-bike versions come with tyres up to 57 mm on rugged wheels. Many riders consider this the perfect balance between on-road efficiency and off-road grip. Wider tyres make the Pathlite a more comfortable ride with greater versatility compared to the Roadlite.

Many road bikes and performance-oriented hybrid bikes also tend to have somewhat wider tyres these days. Thanks to the latest findings on rolling resistance, more and more riders are choosing 28 mm tyres for their road bikes. The Roadlite’s 30 mm tyres (35 mm on the Roadlite:ON e-bike version ) show significantly lower rolling resistance and optimised on-road performance compared to the Pathlite. But they are no match for the off-road versatility of the Pathlite’s tyres.

Pathlite vs. Roadlite Pathlite vs. Roadlite // Photo: Canyon.com

What do the two bikes have in common?

Disc brakes as standard

Disc brakes have been firmly established as the right choice on MTBs for many years now. Both our Roadlite and Pathlite ranges have hydraulic disc brakes across the line, providing reliable braking power and control under all conditions.

E-bike versions

The :ON add-on signifies Canyon e-bike models . The additional electrical power of Canyon:ON bikes minimises differences in performance between riders of varying fitness levels. It gives anyone the power they need to fully enjoy difficult, steep terrain.

Both the Roadlite and the Pathlite are available as e-bike versions with pedal assist systems and the right components to handle the additional power. They are called Roadlite:ON and Pathlite:ON , respectively.
Pathlite vs. Roadlite Pathlite vs. Roadlite // Photo: Canyon.com


The Pathlite is built for all outings that go beyond the pavement. It is fast on any kind of surface, which makes it the perfect bike for exploring gravel paths and easy trails as well as comfortable rides.

Its light aluminium frame is equipped with rugged, lightweight components and features low-maintenance integrated cables and comfortable long-range geometry. With its suspension fork, MTB drivetrain, and 40 mm tyres for low rolling resistance on the road and enough grip on rougher terrain, this bike provides an excellent all-round experience.

Pathlite vs. Roadlite Pathlite vs. Roadlite // Photo: Canyon.com


An e-bike that’s ready for anything. Whether you ride in the city or countryside, on roads, gravel, or compacted woodland paths, whether you’re out exploring on the weekend or taking the kids to daycare, it’s entirely up to you – the Pathlite:ON was designed for maximum versatility and endless possibilities.

Versatility is key: the Pathlite:ON comes fully equipped with lights, rear rack, fenders, and the option of adding a trailer. Together with its large-volume 57 mm tyres and 100 mm front travel, this makes it the perfect bike to ride anywhere, any time.

Pathlite vs. Roadlite // Video: Canyon.com


Race bike performance paired with the comfort and handling of a flat handlebar: The light-weight Roadlite with its minimalist frame design is the right bike for you if cycling is part of your workout routine or you simply enjoy taking relaxed rides or longer tours on the weekend.

The Roadlite is available with carbon or aluminium frame options: Both the CF models and the AL version offer tried-and-tested Canyon quality and award-winning designs.

Pathlite vs. Roadlite Pathlite vs. Roadlite // Photo: Canyon.com


A minimalist E-Bike that looks and feel like a conventional bicycle. Weighing in at only 15 kg, the Roadlite:ON is one of the lightest e-city-bikes and combines agile handling with the sporty feel of a fitness bike. Perfect for your workout, a fast ride to work, and extended leisure rides.

The integrated Fazua Evation drive offers 3 different power levels. Thanks to this pedal assist system, the Roadlite:ON boosts your pedalling power up to 25 kph – without any additional resistance when you exceed that speed.

Pathlite vs. Roadlite Pathlite vs. Roadlite // Photo: Canyon.com

Which bike is the right one for me?

That depends primarily on your specific requirements – and on how much off-road riding you plan on doing.

The Roadlite can’t go everywhere the versatile Pathlite will take you. Instead, it offers unmatched on-road performance, speed, and lightweight agility while being a lot more comfortable than a race bike.

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