Spectral:ON CFR

CFR stands for Canyon Factory Racing – our greatest models, inspired by the aspiration to create the very best bikes in the world. With a 900Wh battery (720Wh for small size frames), powerful motor, light carbon frame and top components the Spectral:ON CFR is a modern e-MTB of the very highest quality.
  • Front Fork Travel: 150 mm
  • Weight: 22.75 kg
  • Spectral:ON CFR
    Color: Endless Black
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Spectral:ON CFR

World-class CFR carbon frame

To reach the next level, you need to combine cutting-edge technology and intense collaboration with the best athletes on the planet. That’s that driving force behind CFR – Canyon Factory Racing. Every CFR frame undergoes a rigorous set of tests that goes far beyond officially recognised international standards. Furthermore, we only use end the very best carbon we can source – a carbon fibre layup that’s been used in space travel, and so exclusive that we had to get permission from the Japanese military to use it. The result: CFR bikes are built around especially light, yet extremely tough frames for the maximum performance possible. We adorn it with a special-edition artwork for a truly premium aesthetic.
Spectral:ON CFR

A motor built for anything

Light, powerful, versatile: Shimano’s EP8 offers excellent all-round performance which is perfect for e-MTB riding. With its smooth support, the ride feel is simply incredible and thanks to the longer range, you ride further on a single charge. Furthermore, you can also tune the motor to your riding style using an app. Ventilation openings on the underside of the motor cover use air currents to cool the system as you ride.
Spectral:ON CFR

Control your ride

This cockpit combines premium manufacturing with clean aesthetics. The display’s cables run discreetly inside the bar-and-stem combo, which delivers the ideal mix of ergonomics, lightness, and stiffness. The minimalistic control unit lets you quickly switch between support modes, and thanks to the tidy look, you have a clear overview of everything that’s going on so you can focus on what really counts: enjoying the ride.

Spectral:ON CFR details

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Bike classification

This category also covers the requirements of categories 1e-2e. In addition it includes use on rough and unpaved terrains. Sporadic jumps of a maximum height of approx. 60 cm are also included in the field of use of these bicycles. But inexperienced riders doing jumps of this height may land inappropriately, thus increasing the acting forces significantly which may result in damage and injuries. This category is represented by MTB hardtails and full suspension bicycles with short suspension travel. The E-Bike specific information is mentioned on the CE marking on your bike.
Bikes in this category provide motorised support up to 25 kph. You can ride above 25 kph, just without support.


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