Apr 10, 2020 canyon.com
Apr 10, 2020 canyon.com

New and Improved: The Lightweight and Integrated Fazua Drive System Gets a Serious Update

Fazua’s Evation e-bike drive system strikes the perfect balance between low weight, power and looks. As one of the lightest and most compact pedal assist systems on the market, the Evation provides all of the ride-enhancing qualities of an electric bicycle with the sleek aesthetics of a non-motorized one. It’s the perfect setup for urban commuters and weekends warriors looking for a little help on the hills – and with the new Black Pepper Performance Update – it’s about to get even better.

New and Improved: The Lightweight and Integrated Fazua Drive System Gets a Serious Update Fazua Drive System

With Black Pepper, Fazua rebuilt the motor’s control system from the ground up to optimise drive performance, biometrically match motor assistance to the rider’s pedal stroke and expand the natural feel of the e-assist across a wider range of pedalling speeds. The update even allows the system to pair with Bluetooth devices and display data like speed and cadence to get the most out of your workout!


The sleek and compact design of the Fazua Evation seamlessly integrates it into the downtube of an e-bike. Where electric bikes were once heavy, clunky beasts with bloated silhouettes, a Canyon Roadlite:ON with an Evation pedal assist unit is nearly indistinguishable from a non-motorised bike. With such a slim, in-tube system incorporated into the frame, the clean lines of Canyon’s award-winning design language shine through; not to mention the easy-to-use LED remote for switching modes and monitoring battery life.


At a featherweight 4.6 kg for the entire unit, the Evation adds a marginal amount to the total weight of the bicycle while still offering serious e-assistance when pedalling. On the off-chance that you run out of battery while riding, the low weight of the setup and the ability to disengage the motor and eliminate resistance makes riding the bike without pedal assist relatively easy. It even comes with a downtube cover for swapping out the Drivepack and battery to further lower the bike’s weight by 2.9 kg.


What truly sets an e-bike system apart is ride quality. If the motor doesn’t engage quickly enough or match to your cadence as you shift, you’ll feel out of step with the bike that you’re riding. While the Evation only uses a 250 Wh battery, it provides the feel of a much larger system with fast engagement from a standstill, serious power transfer at its highest setting and a solid range in its lowest. It will make you want to spend more time out cycling and it’s about to get a whole lot better with the Black Pepper Performance Update.


The Black Pepper Performance Update for the Fazua Evation makes some serious and noticeable improvements. The most impressive upgrade is how it works to improve pedal assist! While the Evation already had excellent and natural-feeling pedal assist, the Black Pepper performance update uses new algorithms to perform a biometric analysis of your pedal stroke and further optimise the motor to provide the ideal amount of power through each turn of the crank.

The update also expands the cadence range of the motor. Now the unit will be able to provide consistent and natural-feeling assistance across a wider range of rotations per minute from 50 all the way up to 120. Whether you like to crank it out in a big gear or spin it in a small one, the motor will still keep you moving in a natural and comfortable way.

Lastly, the update also allows the drive to sync up with all Bluetooth compatible devices so that you can monitor your power, cadence and speed. If you want to dive in deep and specifically customize your motor, the new Toolbox Software 2.0 enables you to access the unit and set individual parameters like max power and ramp up to tailor the system to your specific style of riding.


Want to install the Black Pepper performance update on your Roadlite:ON? It’s quick and easy. Simply remove the Drivepack from your bike’s downtube and turn on the battery. Loosen the USB-cap with a star head (T10) screwdriver and use a soft plastic lever to carefully remove the cap. Download the latest Toolbox software and firmware 2.0 at fazua.com and save it on your computer. Using a Mini USB cable connect the Drivepack to your computer. Open the Toolbox software and select Firmware Update in the dropdown menu. Under Module select the Drivepack for the update and select Firmware to open the saved firmware file. Wait until the motor has finished calibrating (you’ll hear a little vibration) and get out there to enjoy your new and improved e-bike! For more in-depth instructions visit fazua.com

Download Canyon Roadlite:ON Setup

See the new Black Pepper Evation in action with the Roadlite:ON!


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