Sustainability at Canyon

Sustainability isn’t about how it looks

Sustainability at Canyon

It's about how it works

Bikes are a greener way to get around. But how do we ensure greener bike production?
Our mission is to be the world’s premier bike brand. Not just for our great bikes – but because we build them fairly.
Sustainability at Canyon
In the age of greenwashing, we aim for transparency
We admit our production and materials generate emissions, and our operations must meet social and safety standards. We’re not perfect, but we’re getting better: for our people, and our planet.
Sustainability at Canyon
What we’re doing now
  • Partnering with local and international organisations and initiatives
  • Building a supportive, inclusive, and diverse workplace
  • Improving and rewriting our internal policies
Sustainability at Canyon
What we’re doing now
  • Measuring our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, setting reduction targets and reporting progress
  • Researching single-use plastic packaging reduction and protecting ancient and endangered forests
  • Working on our circular economy approach
Sustainability at Canyon
What we’re doing now
  • Consolidating due diligence in our supply chain
  • Continuing social audit programs
  • Holding environmental and human rights at the heart of our partner operations, and our own

What we have done so far

Sustainability at Canyon

We conducted a materiality analysis

Building a ground-up approach to identify where action must be taken.
Sustainability at Canyon

We measured our Corporate Carbon Footprint

Read about our reporting and results across three categories of measurement. 
Sustainability at Canyon

We set our first reduction measures in motion

Thanks to assessments and reporting, we understand what we need to do today, tomorrow, and in years to come. 

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