What can I do to make my carbon bike last as long as possible?

If you take note of the following advice, then you will be able to keep riding your Canyon problem-free for years to come:

  • If you mount carbon parts, or screw parts to a carbon frame, always pay attention to the torques with which the screws must be tightened. You will find the correct torques in the user manual of your Canyon.
  • Carbon parts do not have unlimited durability. Therefore stems and handlebars should be exchanged for new parts at regular intervals. The maximum service life of the components can be found in the respective manufacturers' manuals.
  • Do not use grease when mounting, but only special carbon assembly paste.
  • Clean carbon only with a soft, dry cloth, water or mild soapy water and then seal the surface with hard wax.
  • Make sure that carbon handlebars are approved for mounting parts such as bar ends. Time trial attachments must not be mounted on carbon handlebars unless expressly approved by Canyon.

Disclaimer of Liability
Canyon consistently strives to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information contained in this Technical Support Centre. Any repairs or adjustments which you carry out on your bike are entirely at your own risk. If you are in any doubt what to do, you should send your bike to Canyon or take it to another qualified specialist. Canyon gives no guarantee or accepts no liability for any of the information contained in this Technical Support Centre.
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