What should I keep in mind when returning my Canyon e-bike or e-bike battery?

The registration of an e-bike return is particularly important, since the shipment must always be registered as a dangerous good. We instruct our service partner DHL Freight for you, so that your e-bike is picked up directly at your home and arrives safely at our premises.

How does returning e-bikes and batteries work?
In both cases, the return shipment is made via DHL Freight. Once you have registered your return, a DHL Freight representative will contact you by phone or email to arrange a date for collection. Please note that an exact time cannot be arranged. Usually, the pickup can be limited to the morning or afternoon.

What do I have to send back?
Please return all products specified for return. If you have only specified the battery, please return only the battery properly. If you have specified the entire e-bike, please return the entire e-bike with all components. Please make sure that you include the key to the e-bike battery with the return.

Do I have to pack my e-bike specially?
E-bikes with batteries are a class 9 hazardous material, so you need special packaging. Of course, you can return the e-bike in the original shipping carton, as this complies with the regulations. Please make sure that the battery is installed in the e-bike for shipping.

Do I have to specially pack the e-bike battery?
The installed e-bike battery is a class 9 hazardous material, so you need special packaging. You can request this separate e-bike battery box from us. Alternatively, you can return the battery installed in your e-bike in the E-Bike Guard. This not only means less effort for you when packing, but also easier handling when returning the battery. In this case, the battery box is not needed. Should you decide to return the battery in the packaging, we will send you the appropriate packaging together with a new ADR cover letter in advance, which you must attach to the outside of the packaging. This is not necessary if the battery is returned installed on your e-bike.
Please let us know if your E-Bike Guard or battery box is damaged or no longer present. We will gladly send you a replacement.

Can I return a defective e-bike battery?
Please note that severely damaged e-bike batteries cannot be returned under any circumstances.

How do I notice that my e-bike battery is defective?
There are several ways that you can identify a damaged battery, for example:

– Damaged or significantly deformed housing
– Contact points on metal parts of the battery
– Parts of the plastic housing are melted
– Heating of the battery when switched off
– Battery leakage
– Batteries identified as defective by the battery management system (BMS)

How can I dispose of my e-bike battery?
Please dispose of the battery properly if any of the above points apply. As proof we would like to ask you to take a photo of the battery with the serial number. This is located on the underside of the battery. You can usually return your defective battery to local recycling centers. Contact your local battery disposal facilities for further information. Often local hardware stores and e-bike dealers also offer the possibility to accept the batteries and dispose of them properly. Of course, if you’re in Germany, you can also hand in a defective battery personally at our service workshop in Koblenz.

Disclaimer of Liability
Canyon consistently strives to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information contained in this Technical Support Centre. Any repairs or adjustments which you carry out on your bike are entirely at your own risk. If you are in any doubt what to do, you should send your bike to Canyon or take it to another qualified specialist. Canyon gives no guarantee or accepts no liability for any of the information contained in this Technical Support Centre.
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