Endurace CF SLX 7 AXS

4.049 €
Strike the balance between comfort, speed, and control on your longest road rides. The Endurace is a modern road bike that’s up for anything. On any road you point it at.
  • Material: Carbon (CF)
  • Weight: 8.70 kg
  • Endurace CF SLX 7 AXS
    Color: Stealth
  • Color: Placid Blue
  • Color: Space Blue
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4.049 €
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Endurace CF SLX 7 AXS

High-end carbon fibre

To make a frame with a class-leading stiffness-to-weight ratio, you need to use an advanced mix of carbon fibre materials. We precisely optimised the frame’s wall thickness and chose the exact fibres required for incredible stiffness and huge strength.
Endurace CF SLX 7 AXS

An aerodynamic, easily adjustable carbon cockpit

Dial in your perfect riding position – with three distinct width positions and a selection of different size spacers, pick from up to 12 distinct configurations, all without having to take a saw to your fork shaft. The cockpit also neatly integrates all cables and lines for extra aero gains.
Endurace CF SLX 7 AXS

Ride-saving tools at your fingertips

Go Long with total confidence. The Endurace's top tube storage compartment comes pre-loaded with our neoprene Tool Sleeve – simply fill it with the tools of your choice to help you out when you need it most. We recommend the Endurace LOAD Top Tube Storage bundle, available separately and including a Canyon 3-in-1 Minitool, CO2 cartridge, and tyre levers.
Endurace CF SLX 7 AXS

The benchmark of carbon seatpost design

Providing 20 mm of vertical deflection in a sleek package, the S15 VCLS 2.0 seatpost is simple, elegant, and beautifully effective. Its innovative carbon leaf spring construction feels firm when you’re on the flats but absorbs jolts and vibrations to take the edge off the harshest surfaces, so you feel fresher on long rides over mixed surfaces.

Made for the modern road rider

Endurace CF SLX 7 AXS

All roads ready

A road ride these days is never “just” a road ride. The Endurace CF SLX thrives when it comes to taking those quick dirt connectors to link up two dream stretches of asphalt with its boosted 35 mm tyre clearance and class-leading rear compliance. Thanks to its map-expanding capability, you’ll never look at road riding in the same way again.
Endurace CF SLX 7 AXS

VCLS - Unlocking your best performance

The best solutions are often the most elegant. With VCLS - Vertical Comfort Lateral Stiffness - we target the areas that matter most when it comes to vertical compliance for improved rider comfort without compromising lateral stiffness for efficient performance. Our S15 VCLS 2.0 seatpost perfectly embodies this approach by delivering benchmark rear comfort with zero impact on rider power transfer from the pedals.

Further Faster from Port to Port

If you need a change of scene, then get on a boat. Just a ferry ride away from the Sussex lanes south of London lie the French cycling heartlands of Normandy and Brittany. The 300 km+ big day out between the ports of Dieppe and St. Malo is what the Endurace was born for, making progress fast between two points on a map.

Across the Alps: Innsbruck to Lake Garda

The beauty of riding point-to-point? Watching the world around you transform as you speed along. Starting the day in Innsbruck in the heart of the Alps, the only way is up to cross the border over to Italy before rolling down to the warm shores of Lake Garda, ending with Riviera vibes and an aperitivo in hand to sign off the ride.

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