E-Mountain Full Suspension

E-Mountain Full Suspension

Further, faster, longer. Discover the Canyon full suspension e-bikes.

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  • Spectral:ON CF 7
    • New
    • Color: Infinit Red
    • Color: Boundless Grey
    Shimano Steps EP8 Motor, Rock Shox Lyrik Select
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  • Spectral:ON CF 8
    • New
    • Color: Eternal Blue
    • Color: Stealth
    Fox 36 Rhythm Grip, Shimano Steps EP8 Motor
    From $5,999.00
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  • Spectral:ON CFR
    • New
    • Color: Endless Black
    FOX 36 Factory 29", Shimano Steps EP8 Motor
    From $8,699.00
    Financing available for this product
  • Torque:ON 7
    • Coming soon
    • New
    • Color: Stealth
    Rockshox ZEB R, 180mm, Shimano Steps EP8 Motor
    Financing available for this product
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Full-suspension electric mountain bikes

Electric mountain bikes have revolutionised the world of mountain bikes. Today’s electrically assisted mountain bikes have great performance and good range. With Canyon, you get award-winning full-suspension electric mountain bikes for every purpose and riding preference.

Who is a full-suspension electric mountain bikes suitable for?

A full-suspension electric mountain bike has front and rear suspension (referred to as full-suspension), has a powerful electric drivetrain (battery, motor and transmission), a robust off-road frame and grippy tyres. It’s the right choice if you feel at home on demanding trails. Roots, rocks and trails are a challenge rather than an obstacle and you love technical off-road rides or extensive Alpine rides. In any case, you will have a lot of fun on a full-suspension electric mountain bike from Canyon.

More watts, more fun

Thanks to optimal suspension, full-suspension electric mountain bikes enable slightly better traction than other bikes. They adhere to the terrain to give you more confidence at high speed. The longer the travel, the more reserves are there for extreme riding situations. Full-suspension electric mountain bikes are also suitable for the bike park, big jumps and hard trails. A powerful electric motor also supports you on steep climbs. This offers you an even better experience even when the going is tough. The additional weight of the bike doesn’t play a major role on an E-MTB, as the powerful motor compensates for this.

Features of full-suspension electric mountain bikes

Consider these important features before you buy:

  • Additional power reserves in tricky terrain
  • Better riding comfort
  • Better traction

What are the different types of full-suspension electric mountain bikes?

Do you love the extremes or do you prefer a bike that accompanies you on any kind of ride? At Canyon, we have the right bike for your every need. You can choose from several models in our range. The Neuron:ON is a great all-round bike with an aluminium frame that easily masters easy trails. At the upper end of the spectrum, we have our lightweight, carbon, long-travel Spectral:ON, which is suitable for more technical off-road use. Depending on the price, we offer our models with various frame, battery and component options. Below is an overview.

In focus: Neuron:ON

The robust frame integrates a removable battery into the downtube. This makes the frame construction even more rigid. The bikes has an even lower centre of gravity for optimal control and confident handling. You can find out more details on the product page.

Highlights of the Neuron:ON

When developing the Neuron:ON we had two focuses: good durability and low weight. Large disc brake rotors with four pistons at the front ensure optimal deceleration and stopping. The integrated drivetrain triples your pedal power. The bike’s battery can be easily removed and charged at home or you can charge the battery while it’s installed on the bike. The charger is compact and lightweight making it easy to take with you on longer rides. Another special feature of the Canyon: the cables run inside the frame to ensure a tidy look.

Spectral:ON – trail king

The Spectral:ON is a real eyecatcher. We won the Red Dot Design Award in 2022 with the CFR model. Not only does it look good but it is a real performance machine. To achieve this, we slimmed down the Spectral:ON to make it lighter than previous models by creating a carbon frame. This bike is fast downhill and the most agile full-suspension electric mountain bike in its category when it comes to handling. Our engineers also shifted the centre of gravity a little further back. This improves control on the steep and demanding downhill sections.

Characteristics of the Spectral:ON

The stiff carbon frame houses a removable battery in the downtube. This integration further stiffens the frame which makes for optimal control and perfect handling.

Highlights of the Spectral:ON

Our R&D department improved the 150 mm of travel on the latest models. Thanks to the Triple Phase Suspension, you have maximum control of the bike on any terrain. The progressive setup responds sensitively even to small bumps and makes the chassis stable. Only when things get really tough does the full-suspension travel come to the fore. The Spectral:ON runs a 29 inch wheel at the front and a 27.5 inch wheel at the back. This combination provides a good balance of the necessary stability with good manoeuvrability of the electric mountain bike all at the same time.

Unique Canyon details on the Spectral:ON

A fibreglass reinforced downtube protector prevents damage to the electric motor, frame and bottom bracket. The clean cockpit means cables are internally routed through the handlebar to give a tidy look. The integrated chain guide keeps the chain in place while the bike is hitting the trails. There’s also a chain stay protector to prevent chain slap when it gets really rough.

Torque:ON – the downhill dream

The Torque:ON is the latest addition to our full-suspension electric mountain bike line up. It’s designed for enduro and downhill trails, and for use at the bike park when you’re practising jumps.

Features of the Torque:ON

With 180 mm of front travel and 175 mm in the rear, this electric mountain bike is ready for the rough and ready trails of enduro and downhill riding. Excellent traction keeps the bike in position on tight berms. The slack headtube angle ensures the bike remains playful while you take on drops and gaps. The Torque:ON is rated to category five, which means it’s practically bombproof. It takes our riders to the podium of Redbull Rampage and the World Cup DH circuit.

Your benefits at Canyon

Since we only sell directly to you, we offer a particularly attractive price to performance ratio. In addition, we offer a 6 year guarantee and 30 day returns policy. We have a dedicated customer support team on hand to help should you have any questions at any stage of your journey with Canyon.

Bikes tailored to you with our Perfect Positioning System (PPS)

With the PPS from Canyon, you can use two measurements to get your perfect fit. You can do this easily from the comfort of your own home. Many years of experience in online sizing and countless customer measurements have gone into our PPS, so you can rely on its accuracy.

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