CANYON FACTORY ENDURO TEAM – This year the Canyon Factory Enduro Team’s ranks will be bolstered by New Zealand DH legend Justin Leov. He will join Joe Barnes, Ines Thoma and Ludo May in the hunt for the Enduro World Series Overall Title and ensure the group is well prepared to defend their reputation as the team to beat in the rapidly growing discipline.


rider cfet barnes

Joe Barnes

There’s more to this Scotsman than a dodgy stache and a love of railing ruts. The Top Chief’s sense of humour is well documented in his video series, The Dudes of Hazzard, and he brings that same attitude to the Canyon Factory Enduro Team. But just because Joe knows how to have fun, doesn’t mean he’s not ready to ride. As one of the best tech riders in the business with multiple top finishes on his CV, expect to see Joe mixing it at the front on his Spectral this season.

rider cfet may

Ludo May

Having already raced mountain bikes for years Ludovic, the 26-year-old from Switzerland, took naturally to the enduro discipline when the EWS began in 2013. A true character, May has distinguished himself through his audacious riding as well as his questionable hairstyles and often spectacular videos. That is if you find riding in the middle of the night on a trail lined with fire spectacular. We certainly do.

rider cfet thoma

Ines Thoma

Originally an XC racer, Ines is now one of the fastest on the world enduro scene. The list of her successes, all of which are in the last few years, is impressive. Winner of the Megavalanche at La Réunion, unofficial European Champ and German Champ 2014 are only a small sample. Germany’s Queen of Enduro ended last season with a podium in Finale Ligure, a sure sign of more good stuff to come in 2016.

rider cfet leov

Justin Leov

The New Zealand DH legend may have found his true calling with the Enduro World Series. Before an injury last season, Justin looked poised to grab the overall title and you can bet that his goals haven’t changed for 2016. A newcomer to the Canyon Factory Enduro Team, Leov’s skill and experience in the biggest and baddest downhill races on the planet will help the team defend their title as the best in the world and help him get the wins to secure the overall prize.