Bici Gravel

Per l’avventura e i tragitti quotidiani: le bici gravel possono coprire lunghe distanze anche sullo sterrato.

Canyon Grail


La nostra bici gravel più efficiente. Equipaggiata con pneumatici di media larghezza, cockpit in carbonio e componenti leggeri.
Canyon Grizl


Una bici gravel per i terreni più accidentati. Con pneumatici larghi e componenti progressivi.
Canyon Endurace


Una bici da corsa veloce e comoda. Con una luce telaio/pneumatico adatta ad ospitare pneumatici generosi. Pronta per affrontare qualsiasi strada.
  • 12 articoli
  • Grail CF SL VB77
    • Nuovo
    • Colore: Valtteri Bottas
    SRAM Rival XPLR eTap AXS, Zipp 303 Firecrest Force Launch Edition
    4.499 €
    o a partire da 749,83 €/mese.
    • Colore: Sand Fade
    SRAM Red XPLR eTap AXS 12s, DT Swiss GRC1100
    6.499 €
    o a partire da 1.083,17 €/mese.
  • Gravel

    Bici outlet

    • Colore: Dark Olive
    • Colore: Sand
    SRAM Rival XPLR eTap AXS, DT Swiss GRC 1600 Spline
    3.899 €
    o a partire da 649,83 €/mese.
  • Grail CF SL 7
    • Disponibile solo in taglia L | 2XL
    • Colore: Dark Olive
    • Colore: Sand
    • Colore: Forest
    Shimano GRX RX810 GS, DT Swiss Gravel LN
    2.499 €
    o a partire da 416,50 €/mese.
    • Colore: Dark Olive
    • Colore: Sand
    • Colore: Forest
    Shimano GRX Di2 RX815 GS, DT Swiss GRC 1600 Spline
    4.399 €
    o a partire da 733,17 €/mese.
  • Grail CF SL 8
    • Disponibile solo in taglia 2XL
    • Colore: Sand
    • Colore: Dark Olive
    Shimano GRX RX810 GS, DT Swiss G1800 Spline db
    2.999 €
    o a partire da 499,83 €/mese.
  • Grail CF SLX 8 1by
    • Disponibile solo in taglia XS | M
    • Colore: Dark Olive Fade
    DT Swiss GRC1400 Spline db, Campagnolo Ekar, 13-speed
    5.099 €
    o a partire da 849,83 €/mese.
  • Grail CF SLX 8 Di2
    • Disponibile solo in taglia XS | M
    • Colore: Forest Fade
    • Colore: Dark Olive Fade
    Shimano GRX Di2 RX815 GS, DT Swiss GRC1400 Spline db
    5.299 €
    o a partire da 883,17 €/mese.
  • Grail 7
    • In riassortimento
    • Colore: Dark Olive
    • Colore: Sand
    • Colore: Forest
    Shimano GRX RX810 GS, DT Swiss Gravel LN
    1.799 €
    o a partire da 299,83 €/mese.
  • Grail 7 eTap
    • In riassortimento
    • Colore: Sand
    • Colore: Forest
    • Colore: Dark Olive
    SRAM Rival XPLR eTap AXS, DT Swiss Gravel LN
    2.299 €
    o a partire da 383,17 €/mese.
  • Grail 6
    • In riassortimento
    • Colore: Dark Olive
    • Colore: Sand
    • Colore: Forest
    Shimano GRX RX400 GS, DT Swiss Gravel LN
    1.499 €
    o a partire da 249,83 €/mese.
  • Grail CF SL CSR
    • Esaurito
    • Nuovo
    • Colore: Canyon//SRAM Racing Replica
    SRAM Rival XPLR eTap AXS, ZIPP 303 Firecrest CSR LTD CS
    4.499 €
    o a partire da 749,83 €/mese.
FAQ Gravel

Canyon Grizl


Con tutte le funzionalità di cui hai bisogno per vivere avventure autentiche in mezzo alla natura.
  • 30 giorni per provarla e richiederne il reso
    Esci e facci un giro. Se non sei convinto e la bici è ancora in perfette condizioni (la polvere sugli pneumatici non è un problema) puoi richiederne il reso gratuito.
    Scopri di più sul nostro processo di reso
  • Garantiamo la taglia corretta
    Faremo del nostro meglio per aiutarti a scegliere la bici della misura corretta, ma se non sarai completamente convinto potrai restituirla gratuitamente entro 30 giorni dalla consegna.
    Scopri di più sulle nostre taglie
  • Consegnata assemblata all’80%
    Riceverai tutti gli strumenti e le istruzioni necessarie per assemblare la tua nuova bici. Sarai pronto per salire in sella in meno di un’ora.
  • Eccellente rapporto qualità/prezzo
    Vendiamo direttamente al cliente finale, senza alcun intermediario. Le nostre bici e i nostri accessori sono sempre venduti ad un ottimo prezzo.
    Scopri di più sulla nostra Mission
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What is a gravel bike?

A gravel bike allows you to ride on paved roads and dirt tracks. At first glance, the bike looks like a road bike. However, its wide tyres, frame geometry and components are adapted to gravel roads and forest paths. The Gravel Bike offers more comfort than a cyclocross bike and is almost as agile as a road bike. This makes it suitable for extended bikepacking adventures or weekend rides.

The advantages of a gravel bike

There are so many advantages to gravel bikes, so we’ll discuss just a few. As a cross between a road bike, mountain bike and cyclocross bike, gravel bikes are incredibly capable across rough terrain and smooth roads.

How is a gravel bike different from a road bike?

There are many similarities between a road bike and a gravel bike such as the shape of the frame and drop bars. Unlike a road bike, you are not bound to roads or paved cycle paths. Gravel bikes are some kind of adventure road bike. See a bridleway? Find out where it leads to. Like the look of that forest path? Go on - gravel adventure awaits!

Depending on the accessories, the Gravel Bike can be used as an everyday bike or for specific cycling trips. You can mount custom-fit mudguards at the mounting points to protect you from splashing water and dirt. The frame geometry of Gravel Bikes is more versatile than our competition-orientated cyclocross bikes ensuring a comfortable ride.

Are gravel bikes similar to mountain bikes?

Like mountain bikes, gravel bikes also feature wide, comfortable tyres, high-quality hydraulic disc brakes and a good range of gears for all terrain. Combined with a more upright riding position, you’ll have maximum control and stability off-road while maintaining speed on the tarmac.

Maximum power with an e-gravel bike

An e-gravel bike allows you to ride longer distances and faster speeds with less effort. Gravel bikes with electric motors offer you a dynamic riding experience and powerful support on demanding terrain.

Gravel bikes from Canyon

Canyon offers you an excellent selection of gravel bikes. The aluminium or carbon bikes have high-quality components. The groupsets are available in mechanical or electronic versions. On our Grizl, you have the option of a suspension fork.

The Canyon Grail is available with the innovative double-decker handlebar that dampens vibrations. With off-road bikes you’re safe with disc brakes. Our Grizl vs. Grail article outlines the pros and cons of both bikes so you can find the perfect gravel grinder for you.

What kind of terrain is good for Gravel Bikes?

All-Road: For fast rides on the road and on easy forest tracks. Treat yourself to an off-road excursion on your after-work ride.

Discover the Endurace

Fine gravel: Low weight, optimal aerodynamics and treaded tyres. Get playful on some more exciting gravel tracks.

Discover the Grail

Coarse gravel: No challenge is too big. Conquer tracks that are considered unrideable. Explore forest and wilderness without sacrificing speed.

Discover the Grizl

Bikepacking: Enjoy your freedom on extended multi-day rides. You, your bike and your bags without a care in the world. Discover our Gravel Bikes

Buy Gravel Bikes online

We offer you outstanding value for money when you buy online. Use the Perfect Positioning System (PPS) to find the right size for your frame. Once you have found your dream bike, we will deliver it directly to your home and advise you on the final assembly. Your new gravel bike is ready to ride in just a few quick steps. Guarantee and customer-friendly return conditions as well as flexible payment options round off the online purchase.

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