Canyon Speedmax Hydration System

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₩ 219,000
The Speedmax hydration system with magnetic tube holder offers flexibility and aerodynamics, sits perfectly integrated on the cockpit and provides 750ml of additional fluid.
₩ 219,000
곧 출시: 9월 - 12월 2024
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Canyon Speedmax Hydration System

Bracket with release lever

The water bottle is pushed onto the custom-fit bracket. This ensures that the bottle is securely and firmly attached to your cockpit without wobbling. The bottle is released with a release lever on the underside and pushed out to the front in a matter of seconds. The drinking system sits almost seamlessly on your bike and is perfectly integrated into the overall design.
Canyon Speedmax Hydration System

Aerodynamically optimised

The 750 ml hydration system has been seamlessly integrated into the overall design of the Speedmax and minimises any air resistance.
Canyon Speedmax Hydration System

Computer mount & 10-degree adapter

The scope of delivery includes a computer mount that is compatible with both Garmin and Wahoo computers by rotating the insert. Also included is a 10-degree adapter that can optionally be placed between your bike computer and the mount. This tilts your bike computer further into your field of vision when you are riding in the extensions. Of course, the hydration system can also be used without the mount.
Canyon Speedmax Hydration System

Magnetic hose holder

A magnetic fastener allows you to attach the tube securely without it coming loose unintentionally. You can choose whether you want to place it on the extensions for availability in seconds or on the stem cover (the magnet is attached underneath the stem cover) for maximum aerodynamics.
Canyon Speedmax Hydration System

Individually customisable

The tube is flexible and can be perfectly adjusted to your individual length. A tip: Cut the lower end of the tube at an acute angle to make it easier to insert into the drinking system and prevent the tube from creating a vacuum on the inside wall of the bottle when drinking. With its generous diameter, the tube ensures maximum fluid flow.
Canyon Speedmax Hydration System


Drinking system, bracket incl. screws, protective film for your head tube, rubber bumper, magnets, drinking tube, cable ties

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  • Precisely fitting holder: The drinking bottle is securely attached to the cockpit without wobbling.
  • Quick removal: A release lever enables the bottle to be pulled out forwards in seconds.
  • Seamless integration: The hydration system blends in perfectly with the overall design of the bike.
  • The mount supports both Garmin and Wahoo computers by rotating the insert.
  • The hose is customisable and can be cut to size.
  • 10-degree adapter for better readability when driving in the extensions.
  • Maximum liquid flow rate


  • 1 x Canyon R073 Hydration System


  • Canyon


  • 168 g


  • 0,75 l


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